Georgia Response Plan for White Nose Syndrome

The following posts were made to the TAG-Net mail-list on 16 December 2009, and are reprinted here with permission:

4) Georgia WNS Plan
     By: Allen Padgett (Lafayette, Georgia)

Do you want to get involved in formulating a White Nose Syndrome Plan for Georgia? First there is a e-mail list you can sign up for. send an e-mail to and ask to be put on the list. Second there will be a public meeting "White Nose Syndrome Plan Meeting" on Thursday Jan 21 2010, 7pm at the Georgia Wildlife Federation Alcovy Conservation Center in Covington GA. Get involved, stay involved, help provide CAVER input into this process. Feel free to circulate widely in entirety.

Safe Cavin, Allen Padgett

5) State of Georgia WNS Response Plan
      By: Don Hunter (Colbert, Georgia)

As one of the grotto contacts for ASS, I received the following message from Trina Morris, Wildlife Biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Georgia is in the process of preparing a WNS Response Plan and will be having a public meeting in January regarding the plan, which should be distributed for public comment in the very near future. I am forwarding this message so that any interested parties can request to be included in the distribution of the plan for public comment.


"We are organizing a group of people in Georgia who may be interested in receiving information regarding White Nose Syndrome (WNS) in bats. We put together a list of people we thought may be interested and that list includes you. If you are not interested in receiving any more WNS email, please let me know and I'll remove your name from the list. If there is someone who should be on the list instead of you, give me their email address and I'll replace yours on the list. Also, please pass this on to other individuals who may be interested. We want to include as many partners as possible, both private and public.

"Following the advice of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and several other Southeastern states, we have put together a Draft White Nose Syndrome Response Plan for Georgia. We are finishing up the first draft of the plan and will send it out for review a couple weeks before we have a public meeting. If you're interested in participating in the meeting, here are the details:

"White Nose Syndrome Plan Meeting Thursday, January 21st, 2010, 7:00 PM Georgia Wildlife Federation Alcovy Conservation Center Covington, GA (Directions: )

"The plan will be sent out to the WNS email group so everyone will have a chance to comment even if they cannot attend the meeting.

"Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. For updated information on WNS, please visit the USFWS website:

"Thanks for your participation."

Trina Morris
Wildlife Biologist
Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Nongame Conservation Section
2065 U.S. Hwy. 278 S.E.
Social Circle, GA 30025-4743
Ph: 770-918-6411 or 706-557-3032
Fax: 706-557-3033