White Nose Syndrome Conference
Albany NY, June 9-11

The National Speleological Society has donated $2,500 from the Save the Caves Restricted Fund in support of the White Nose Syndrome Conference to be held in Albany NY, June 9-11. The donation will help underwrite the cost of organizing, facilitating and reporting on this meeting. The event will be a science strategy meeting. WNS was first noted in NSS owned Schoharie Preserve, and first documented on properties in a small regional cluster which include Schoharie, Barton Hill Karst Preserve, and Knox Cave owned by the Northeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. The NCC has also contributed $250.00 to this conference.

NSS members wishing to assist in funding for this facilties conference may donate directly to help underwrite this meeting through a dedicated fund established by Bat Conservation International.


Contributions for continuing research may also be made to BCI or to a research fund managed by The Indiana State University Bat Center which has matching dollars available.