This list is compiled from past issues of the NSS News and Section 6 of the Board of Governor's Manual.  Some discrepancies between the NSS News and Section 6 listings were discovered while compiling this list and every effort was made to correct the discrepancies. Not all issues of the NSS News stated what the recipient(s) had done to receive the award. Special thanks to Bill Mixon for researching past issues of the NSS News to compile this list.



J Harlen Bretz

Contributions to the knowledge of cave origins.


William Davies

Description cave geology, especially state-wide cave surveys of West Virginia and Maryland.


Ruben Garcia

Organizing speleological congress in Monterrey, Mexico.


Betty Yoe

Service as NSS News mailer and NSS memberhip maintenance.


Leroy Foote

Service as NSS treasurer for past 8 years.


John Petrie

Service as an NSS officer for 10 years.


Betty Yoe

Retiring as financial secretary of the NSS.


Eugenio de Bellard Pietri

Helping arrange expedition to Venezuela and studies of the caves there.


Chrissy Mansfield

Service as recording secretary for several years.


Tex Helm

Photography in Carlsbad Caverns, especially the famous color photograph of the Big Room.


Robert Lewis

Service for 5 years as business manager of the NSS News.


Western Maryland Rail

Assistance in investigation of the deposits in Cumberland Bone Cave.


Robert Hatt

Book Faunal and Archeological Researches in Yucatan Caves.


Burton Faust

Service as an officer of the NSS.


William Hill

Service as editor of the NSS News.


Jerome Ludlow

Service as editor of NSS Bulletins 11-16.


George Moore

Contributions to Speleology.


Bernard Smeltzer

Contributions to Bulletin 15, Caves of Pennsylvania.


Loren Woods & Robert Inger

Studies of North American cave fishes


John W. Twente, Jr.

Dissertation on bats in gypsum caves.


Roger Brucker and members of the Flint Ridge Project

Surveys showing cave development in flat-bedded limestone.


Albert Skira, George Baittelle, Hans Hinz and Claudio Elmer

Book Lascaux or the Birth of Art.


Alfred Bogli

Exploration and mapping of Holloch Cave.


Huntley Ingalls

Photo-documentation of Cass Cave.


Dorothy Reville

Editing the NSS News.


Philip Livingston

Publisher of the last ten issues of the NSS Bulletin.


Philip Smith

Applying speleological techniques to arctic crevasses.


William White, Robert Dunn, Russell Howard and other members of the Pittsburgh Grotto

The Speleo Digest.


Burton Faust

Extraordinary service to the NSS in many capacities.


Antonio Nunez-Jimenez

Exploration and study of Cuban caves.


Marjorie Sweeting

Geological study of caves in England and Jamaica.


Jean Corbel

Monograph Les karsts de nord-ouest de l'Europe and other studies.


Orlando Park

Studies of cave beetles of family Pselaphidae.


William Halliday

Book Adventure is Underground.


Tom Harrison

Archaeological work in the caves of Borneo.


Joseph Lawrence, Jr.

Organizing the 1954 Crystal Cave Expedition.


Brian O'Brien

Describing caves in Australia and founding the Australian Speleological Foundation.


Clay Perry

Books on the caves of New York and New England.


Thomas Barr, Jr.

Studies on evolution and ecology of cave animals.


George Deike III

Thesis on cave development in Burnsville Cove.


Oscar Hawksley, Frank Dahlgren and Jerry Vineyard

Missouri Speleological Survey.


Samual Davis

Business manager of the NSS News.


Aola Richards

Cave Biology of Australia and New Zealand.


Richard Anderson

NSS Cave Files Committee.


Masuzo Ueno

Cave Fauna of Japan and surrounding islands.


Dwight Deal, Herb Conn and Jan Conn

Survey of Jewel Cave.


James Reddell

Texas Speleological Survey.


Hubert Trimmel

Internationale Bibliographie fur Spelaologie.


Henry Douglas

Caves of Virginia.


Arthur Lange and Raymond deSaussure

Cave Research Association, Cave Notes.


John Guilday

Paleontology at New Paris sinkholes.


Allen McCrady

Speleo Digest editing.


Hermine Zotter

Water tracing in West Virginia.


Lewis Bicking

Friars Hole Cave System.


Donald Cournoyer

Years of service as NSS officer.


Russell Gurnee

Rio Camuy Cave Project.


Victor Schmidt

Efforts in cave conservation.


Ralph Ewers and Cincinnati Museum of Natural History Board of Directors

Cave exhibits at Cincinnati Museum of Natural History.


John Fish, Terry Raines and William Russell

Mexican caves, Caves of the Inter-American Highway.


Theodore Schad

Financial work for the NSS and National Speleological Foundation.


John Cooper, Tom Johnson and the Huntsville Grotto

Shelta Cave Project.


John Carman

Legal advice to the NSS.


John Holsinger

Dissertation on amphipod genus Stygonectes.


Robert Mitchell

Dissertation on carabid beetle Rhadine subterranea.


Arthur Palmer

Dissertation on Indiana karst hydrology.


George Deike, III

Dissertation on cave development in Mammoth Cave region.


George Benjamin

Exploration of underwater caves in the Caribbean.


Derek Ford

Contributions to cave geology, leading the Macmaster University karst research team.


Victor Schmidt

Contributions of cave conservation.


Douglas Medville and Hazel Medville

Book Caves of Randolph County.


Richard Franz and Dennis Slifer

Book Caves of Maryland.


Larry E. Matthews

Book Descriptions of Tennessee Caves.


Charles Brown

Dissertation on karst in the Canadian Rockies.


Cave Research Foundation

Flint-Mammoth connection.


Pete Lindsley

Guadalupe Cave Survey.


William Varnedoe

Alabama Cave Survey.


Joseph Jennings

Research on karst throughout the world.


Watson Monroe

Study of Puerto Rican karst, glossary of karst.


Henry Rauch

Dissertation research in the Appalachians, karst research center at West Virginia University.


Roger Baroody

Caving in the Virginias, West Virginia Speleological Survey.


Betty Mayo

Establishing a functional NSS office in Huntsville, AL.


Robert Stitt

Efforts on cave conservation.


Tom Poulson

Studies of aquatic cave animals.


Stewart Peck

Chairing the Stone Research Grant Committee.


Patty Jo Watson

Book Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area.


Ray Mansfield and Tony Oldham

Current Titles in Speleology.


Peter Thompson and Russell Harmon

Pioneering efforts in radioactive dating and climate interpretation.


Richard Powell

Dissertation on Indiana karst.


Stewart Peck

Outstanding papers in biospeleology.


John Stokes

Computerizing the NSS membership.


Neil Montgomery

Book Single Rope Techniques.


Carol Hill

Book Cave Minerals.


David Culver

Studies of ecology of acquatic cave animals.


Sara Corrie

Good fellowship and enthusiasm in vertical caving.


Albert Hawkins

Mammoth Cave National Park master plan.


Mark Grady and Mike McEachern

Cave inventory and evaluation in New Melones area.


Daniel Smith

Founding the National Cave Rescue Commission.


John Meenehan

Preserving the Culverwell drawings.


Albert Mueller

Service to the National Speleological Foundation.


Bernard Geze

Distinguished foreign contributions to speleology.


Ivan Gams

Distinguished foreign contributions to speleology.


8th ICS

Organizing Committee of the Eighth International Congress of Speleology.


Roger Brucker and Richard Murray

Book Trapped!


Sarah Bishop

Work on designation of Mammoth Cave as a World Heritage Site.


Lynn Miller and Jane Miller

Indiana cave protection bill.


Fred Grady

Trout Rocks caves acquisition.


Nicholas Crawford

Karst studies program at Mammoth Cave.


Kenrick Day

Conservation of Onyx Cave.


Percy Dougherty

Cave Creek Cave Wilderness Study Area.


James Hedges

Editing the NSS Bulletin.


James Johnston

Managing NSS office and Shelta Cave.


Jerry Thornton

Memorandum of Understanding with Bureau of Land Management.


Frank Howarth

Studies of cave fauna of lava tubes.


Fred Stone

Studies of Australian cave fauna.


The Bighorn Cave Research Project

Cave exploration and study.


Mike Dyas

Writing the "Dyas Digest" in the NSS News.


Michael DiTonto

Karst research in Jamaica.


Allen Padgett and Bruce Smith

Book On Rope.


The Huautla Project

Cave exploration and mapping.


John Clark

Legal work.


Allen McCrady and Harold Hamilton

Paleontology field laboratory at New Paris sinkholes.


John Scheltens and Janet Thorne

Federal Cave Resource Protection Act.


Organ Cave System Project

Book Caves of the Organ Cave Plateau.


Wakulla Springs Project

Exploration of Wakulla Springs and book.


Gary Tennen and Randy Tufts

Exploration and protection of Kartchner Caverns.


Peter Bosted and Karen Lindsley

Book Atlas of the Great Caves of the World.


Philip Lucas

Computerization of Virginia Speleological Survey cave files.


Judy Stack and Pennsylvania Cave Law Task Force

Passage of state cave protection act.


Proyecto Papalo

Exploration of Sistema Cuicateco (now Cheve).


Colorado Grotto and Management of Cave of the Winds

Management of Silent Splendor in Cave of the Winds.


Spring Mill Project

Exploration and mapping of caves in Spring Mill State Park, Indiana.


50-Year History Committee

NSS history book Caving in America.


Karlin Meyers, Ernie Garza and Proyecto Cerro Rabon

Exploration project in southern Mexico.


Dave Belski and Steve Peerman

New Mexico Gypsum Karst Project (GYPKAP).


David Culver and Horton Hobbs, III

Popular education in biospeleology.


Scott Hollow Project

Study of West Virginia cave.


William Balfour

Databases on West Virginia caves.


John Sutter

Cavers' e-mail list.


Nicholas Crawford and Western Kentucky University Center for Cave and Karst Studies

Summer speleology courses at Mammoth Cave.


George Dasher

Books On Station and The Caves and Karst of the Buckeye Creek Basin.


Trevor Ford

Editing British journal Cave and Karst Science.


Donald Paquette

Leadership in National Cave Rescue Commission.


Tom Rea

NSS membership database program.


The Lint Pickers Project

Conservation work in Carlsbad Caverns National Park.


Keith Dunlap and the Indiana Karst Conservancy

Karst protection during Indiana highway project.


Joshua Abdulla

Development of the NSS web home page.


George Veni and Daniel Chess

Organizing AAAS Symposium.


Southeastern Cave Conservancy

Purchase of Neversink Pit.


Ira Sasowsky

Indexes to NSS Bulletin and Speleo Digest.


John Hempel

Preservation of Chestnut Ridge karst area.


Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve Committee

Cave management and protection of the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve.


Rod Horrocks

Coordination of volunteers at Timpanogos Cave National Monument.


Roswell Jones and Bruce Bannerman

Audio-visual support to NSS Photo Salon and Awards Banquet.


Christopher Richard

Cave exhibit at Oakland Museum.


Front Royal Grotto

Protection of Riverside Karst Area, Virginia.


Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy

Purchase of Billy Clay Pit, West Virginia.


Scott Fee

Bringing the Speleo Digest series current.


VPI Grotto

Study for protection of karst resources in Skydusky Hollow, Virginia.


Randall Blackwood

Video Caves, Critters, and Speleology.


Eric Hendrickson and Melissa Hendrickson

Passage of the Maine Cave Protection Law.


Jim Nepstad

Cave management program at Wind Cave National Park.


Paul Stevens and Lee Stevens

Leadership of the NSS Salon Committee.


Peter Bosted

Cartographic innovation at Lilburn Cave.


Annette Long and Mark Long

Protection of Manatee Spring Cave.


Nashville Grotto

Protection of Spencer Mountain caves.


Robert Burnett and Orion Knox

Cave Restoration Project at Gruta del Palmito, Mexico.


Kevin Allred, Carlene Allred and Bob Richards

Publishing Kazamura Cave Atlas.


Guadalupe Area of Cave Research Foundation

Conservation and restoration projects at Carlsbad Caverns National Park.


David Culver and William White

Publishing Encyclopedia of Caves.


Kelly Deem

NSS Fundraising auctions at conventions.


Rocky Parson

West Virginia Quarry Law.


Virginia Region

Continuing support of Grand Caverns in Grottoes. Virginia.


Germany Valley Karst Survey and Gordon Brace

Reestablishing land owner relationships and involving many cavers in the continued exploration of this historic karst area.


Jim C. Werker & Val Hildreth-Werker

Publication of Cave Conservation and Restoration


Woodville Karst Plain Project

Connection of Wakulla Spring Cave to the Leon Sinks Cave System in northern Florida


Marcus Gary and Bill Stone

Research at the deep water-filled, limestone sinks at Rancho La Azufrosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico


Steve Bogaerts and Robbie Schmittner

Connection of Sistema Sac Actun to Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich in Quintana Roo, Mexico


John J. Corcoran III

Initiation and continued management of the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project


Rick and Faye Bowersox

Outstanding service with the Junior Speleological Society


David W. Everton, William J. Baus, and the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy

Conservation and Restoration of Buckner Cave, Indiana


George R. Phillips

Rapid response to a major threat to Sharps Cave and the Elk River karst in West Virginia


Peter Youngbaer

Work on behalf of the NSS concerning the White Nose Syndrome epidemic in bats


15th ICS Organizing Committee

Work on the 2009 International Congress of Speleology


Dr. Doug Boyer

Professional assistance to others and long-term studies of the effects of land-use and agricultural practices on the quality of water in caves and springs


Paul Burger

Work to protect and document park caves at Carlsbad Caverns National Park


Sewanee Mountain Grotto

Continuous conservation efforts directly impacting the Orme Mountain Road area of the Russell Cave National Monument Watershed


Aida and Robert Mothes

Long-term management of the Friars Hole Cave System (WV)


Jody Bailey

Design and production of a Lava Tube Caves poster displayed at NASA Lunar and Planetary Research Conference in Houston in 2012


Maureen Handler

Representing the numerous volunteers who renovated the NSS Headquarters and Conference Center


Edd Sorenson

At the risk of his own life, saved four people in 2012 in three separate cave diving incidents


Bill Mixon

Put more than 3,000 maps of Mexican Caves on the Association for Mexican Cave Studies web site


Bexar Grotto

For the organizing of the First Texas Hydro-Geo Workshop in 2014


Philip Lucas & Nathan Farrar

For the writing and preparation of the book Caves of the Water Sinks Area


Oregon High Desert Grotto

For its lead role in the Sandy Glacier Caves project


Bexar Grotto

For the organizing of the First Texas Hydro-Geo Workshop in 2014


Philip Lucas & Nathan Farrar

For the writing and preparation of the book Caves of the Water Sinks Area


Oregon High Desert Grotto

For its lead role in the Sandy Glacier Caves project


Peter Johnson/Derek Bristol

For Completion of the bolt climb up of Perseverence Dome in HellHole Cave


Ron Delano/Donal Davis

For the publication of the Lechuguilla Triology

Dr. Ronald J. Lipinski

For the development of the Fort Stanton Cave simulation program.