The William J. Stephenson Outstanding Service Award is for contributions to speleology and the NSS in particular. 

The nominee must be an NSS member for at least the past two years.  Please note that contributions to the NSS is broadly defined as encompassing the many aspects of the NSSís interactions with the membership, governmental agencies, land owners, education, et al.  Service is a multi-faceted attribute and review of the past  recipients will illustrate this. As one of the two highest awards given by the NSS, the contributions should be over a period of time and usually include a body of work.  Your nomination letter should include details of the nominee's contribution to the NSS. Please do not assume that "everyone" knows your nominee and your nominee's merits. A good nomination letter should give explicit details about what the member has done over the years to benefit the society.  The letter should be inclusive and filled with cause and effect.  Give details about what the member has done and how it positively affected the NSS.  The easiest way to obtain answers specific to your questions about your nomination is to contact the sub-chairman.