The Science Award is for people who have made significant contributions to the sciences, but who are also still highly active. Close association of the scientist with NSS is not mandatory, but preferable. The nominee must be an NSS member for at least the past two years. Strong preference will be given to nominees who have not received the NSS Honorary Member or Outstanding Service awards (if you're not sure, check next to the person's name in your NSS Members Manual).

Your nomination letter should include details of the nominee's contribution to cave science. Please do not assume that "everyone" knows your nominee and your nominee's merits. Many members of the Awards Committee and the NSS Board of Governors are not scientists and will need this information to make a sound decision. If you do not send supporting information, I guarantee your nominee will not be selected. A resume attached to your nomination letter is very useful (and can often be obtained by collusion with the nominee's significant other). It is generally not a good idea to let your nominee know that they have been nominated - not knowing that you were not selected is much nicer than knowing. Letters from other people supporting your nomination are helpful, especially if they provide additional useful insights into the nominee's contributions. Since only one person is selected each year, you should support no more than one person per year for the award.