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October 6, 2015

Let's Set a World Record -

Bat House Construction

Halloween Outreach Activity!

Bat Week 2015 is coming soon and we invite you to join us in celebrating the importance of bats. With your help, we will set a World Record for Most Bat Houses Built in a Day—a fun way to get the community active in conservation and to give bats healthy, safe homes.

We invite you to host a Bat House Building event at your location on October 31, 2015. Our goal is to have multiple sites across the U.S. and Canada host events in order to reach a record of 5,000 bat houses built in a day. Bat houses are easy and fun to build for both kids and adults. Kits will be available with all the necessary components and pre-drilled holes or you can download free designs to build your own from scratch.

This World Record Day will fall on the last day of Bat Week, an annual, international weeklong block of programs and media appearances designed to draw attention to bats. Now in its second year, Bat Week focuses on activating the public to become involved in conservation. Bat Week is organized by a volunteer Steering Committee comprised of representatives from the Organization for Bat Conservation, Bat Conservation International, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlife Acoustics, Lubee Bat Conservancy and the Save Lucy Campaign.

What You Can Expect From Us

The Bat Week Steering Committee will provide you with informational tools to promote, host and document your participation in the World Record Bat House Building Day. We will also give you contact information to order

bat house kits and free design plans to build your own.

In the week leading up to the World Record day, we will be working with the media, celebrities and corporations to maximize promotion of the activity. Promotion will direct the public to our website, www.batweek.org, which will list all host sites for bat house building, allowing people to find a location nearest to them.

What We Ask From You

If you will be using bat house kits for your event, we would need your commitment to purchase bat house kits by September 18 in order to prepare the materials. Kits will be sold directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices, which are roughly $30 each. The manufacturer will drop ship the kits directly to you in time for the event. (These bat houses are single-chamber, cedar bat houses designed to maximize the likelihood of use by bats).

Once you decide to become a host site, we will list your location on our website and send you the tools you will need to promote and host your event.

You may decide how to distribute the completed bat houses following the event. Participants can take the bat house home, you can keep the bat houses for your facility or you can donate the bat houses to another group.

What's Next?

This will be an amazing day and we hope you will join us! Please reply to Danielle Todd at the Organization for Bat Conservation at dtodd@batconservation.org if you are interested in becoming a host site or if you have further questions.