Annual IO Report Instructions

Don't Forget!

All internal organizations of the National Speleological Society are required to submit an annual report in order to maintain their IO in the society.

Reports are due by the end of January each year.

Internal organizations (IOs) shall submit an annual report to the Internal Organizations Committee, containing the mailing address of the organization, a list of the organization's officers with their respective NSS numbers, the names of two organization members (with telephone number or e-mail address) who are to be listed in the NSS Members manual as contacts, the URL of the organization's webpage (if any), whether the organization has changed its constitution and bylaws since the last annual report, and whether copies of the organization's publications are being submitted per the following.

    Two copies of each publication (if any) shall be submitted to the NSS Library. At Least one copy and preferably two copies shall be furnished to the NSS Cave Files Committee,
and it is recommended that one copy be furnished to the U.S. Geological Survey.

If the organization's constitution or bylaws have been changed, copies of the new documents must be provided to the IO Committee.

The committee may request additional information, but the completion of it must be labeled as optional.

Organizations may submit membership rosters for archival purposes.

Reports must be submitted prior to a date set by the committee. (The IO Annual Report is due during the month of January for the previous calendar year.)

You can check to see if your IO has submitted the IO Report for the current reporting period on the IO Website.

UPDATES: Updating IO data and submitting the IO Annual Report are done the same way. When you update your IO record during January, it is considered submitting the annual report for the previous calendar year. It doesn't matter whether or not you click the Submit button.

Please update your data as changes occur within your IO. You should update the data as many times as necessary throughout the year.

You can check to see if your IO has submitted its IO Annual Report for the latest reporting period by clicking here.

To Update or Submit, you will need your IO password plus IO serial number (or {NEW Version} select the grotto in the dropdown box) plus your name and NSS number.

  1. The IO serial number is six digits (you must include leading zeros). Forgot your serial number? Look here.

  2. The IO password is seven letters. Each IO has a password. Forgot? Please contact Paul Winter. Or you can click on the Forgot Password link at The password will be sent automatically in an email to the IO email address on record.

  3. Your name and NSS number. We need this in case there are questions about the data.


FIRST: Verify that your officers are current NSS members.

  • Go to and click on Search.

  • A second page will be displayed, click on Member Search.

  • Enter your NSS number and zip code.

  • On the search page, enter the NSS number of the officer.

  • Verify that the officer is an NSS member. Check each officer.

  • If the officer is not an NSS member, notify them that they need to update their NSS membership - or elect another officer.

SECOND: Update your IO records or Submit the IO Annual Report

  • Go to

  • Click on Edit your IO Information.

  • On the page that is displayed, enter the IO Serial Number and password plus your name and NSS number.

  • Click on Login.

Once you are logged in, you may select which portion of the data you want to update.

  • Address Info

  • Publication Information

  • 1st and 2nd Contacts

  • General Information

  • Officer Listing

Annual Verification (mandatory every January)
Verifying and approving your IO information during the month of January constitutes submitting the annual report to the NSS IO Committee

  • Verify All Information / Submit Annual Report

The web site contains the data you have already entered. Just review the information and update it if necessary. Note that you may update the information at any time. If it changes during the year, just go in and update it.

After you have completed making the changes you want to make, you can display all the information you have on file. While it is being displayed on screen, you may use your internet browser to print the information for your records.

You may update the data as often as you please. It doesn't harm a thing.

You may do the "verify and submit annual report" process multiple times throughout the year. It doesn't harm a thing.

Periodically, the IO Committee will download the data and use it to update the "official" IO Database (not to be confused with the NSS database).

The list of grottos, regions, sections, and surveys that appear from the links on the NSS web page and the links from this web site are generated in real-time from the information contained in the IO Database that resides on

Please note: Grotto serial numbers are prefixed with zero(0); Regions are prefixed with one(1); Surveys are prefixed with two(2); and Sections are prefixed with three(3); Affinity Groups are prefixed with five(5). For example: Nittany Grotto is 14 so you would enter 000014. The Communications & Electronics Section is also 14 so you would enter 300014.