E-mail List

The IO Committee has set up an e-mail list in order to send messages of interest to IOs. Only the IO committee chair can send messages to the names on the list. This is to insure that IOs get only messages that may be useful for conducting their business.

Each internal organization is responsible for the e-mail addresses on the list since the e-mail list is derived directly from the online records maintained by IOs.

The following e-mail addresses for your IO are on the list (providing they exist)

  1. IO home e-mail address

  2. Contact-1 e-mail address

  3. Contact-2 e-mail address

  4. Supplemental (person(s) who want to receive messages for your IO)

To make changes to items 1-3, update your IO records online at www.nssio.org.

To be added to (or deleted from) the supplemental list, contact me.

If you have a message that should go to all persons on the IO e-mail list - or a subset of the list, contact me.

Paul Winter,
IO Committee Chair