Newsletter Distribution - Policy & Suggestions

NSS Policy...

Two copies of each publication (if any) shall be submitted to the society's library. At least one copy and preferably two copies shall be furnished to the society Cave Files Committee and it is recommended that one copy be furnished to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The applicable addresses are shown at the end of this section.

Suggestion for paper copies: Some IOs include the addresses in the file that is used to produce mailing labels for their newsletter. For the NSS Library you can include two addresses. One may be called NSS Library 1 and the other NSS Library 2.

NSS Library and Cave Files Committee

The newsletters to these two offices must be submitted on paper. If you currently produce your newsletter in digital format, please print two copies for each office. They may be submitted upon publication or held and sent in bulk at the end of the year.

SpeleoDigest Committee

You are encouraged to send a copy to the SpeleoDigest Committee. Selected articles from your newsletter will be reprinted in the digest.

The newsletters should be sent as paper copies when they are published. This allows the committee to process the newsletters and publish the SpeleoDigest in a timely manner.

NSS News Column

You are encouraged to submit a copy of each grotto publication to the person who reviews those publications and writes the column for the NSS News.

American Caving Accidents

If your newsletter contains information about a caving accident, you are encouraged to send a copy to the editor of American Caving Accidents. (See also Reporting Caving Accidents.)

U. S. Geological Survey Newsletter Exchange

There is an arrangement with the library at the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) whereby they receive grotto and regional newsletters that contain some material of permanent reference value and, in return, the grotto or region is entitled to receive free topographic quadrangle maps for use in their projects. As a rough guide it is reasonable to request as many maps as you publish issues. In any case, please request maps several at a time, rather than singly. Requests should make reference to this exchange agreement and must be signed by a grotto officer. All maps are to be considered grotto property, and should not end up in the permanent possession of an individual who was in charge of the project.

Because of a critical shortage of shelf space, the USGS may have to deny the exchange agreement with some newsletters that contain material such as cartoons, jokes, and puzzles, which are of little permanent value.

All exchange newsletters, requests for maps, and other correspondence should be sent to the address given below.

Requests should always be reasonable. As an example, a group that regularly publishes a bi-monthly newsletter might request a half dozen maps a year.

Exchange Policy with Other IOs

Many IOs will agree to swap newsletters. Send them your newsletter and they will send you theirs. Before doing so, check with them to find out about their exchange policy. This applies globally.

ISSN for Publications

There is a global program to facilitate the identification of serial publications by assigning to them a unique identification number. This number is called the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). An IO that publishes a regular serial publication may have a number assigned by the Library of Congress. The assignment is free and there is no charge for its use.

If the name of the newsletter is changed after the assignment of the number, a new number must be obtained.

Addresses for Newsletter Distribution (download CSV file)

  • National Speleological Society
    2813 Cave Avenue
    Huntsville, AL 35810-4431

  • NSS Cave Files Committee
    Richard Blenz
    8070 W Eller Rd
    Bloomington, IN 47403-2917

  • SpeleoDigest Committee
    George Jaegers
    3144 Ironwood Lane
    Allentown, PA 18103-7714

  • NSS News Column
    Kim Gentry
    110 Beechwood Ln
    Mt Washington KY 40047-7027

  • American Caving Accidents
    2813 Cave Avenue
    Huntsville AL 35810-4431

  • U.S.G.S. Library National Center
    MAIL STOP 950
    12201 Sunrise Valley Drive
    Reston VA 20191-5603