Chairman: Dave Bunnell




Caves - Landscapes without Light
by the Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria (13:24 minutes).
Part of an exhibit on caves running through summer of 2012, Höhlen - Landschaften ohne Licht

There was a single entry for 2011, and one award granted. This was our first ever professional entry and became the first entry in the Salon to achieve a Merit Award, even including earlier entries in the days of slide projectors and multiple trays (Except for the 2009 International competition, where the high level of competition resulted in four merit awards).
Judges: The entire Mother Lode Grotto were the judges during a regular meeting, and 20+ cavers were unanimous in their belief that it deserved a Merit Award.

The presentation was made from images from 16 different cave photographers: Darco Baksic, Dave Bunnell, Fritz Geissler, Alexander Klampfer, Kurt Kracher, Stephan Lang, Hischam Momen, Andreas Neumann, Lukas Plan, Robert Seebacher, Robbie Shone, Christoph Spotl, Heiner Thaler, La Venta Team, Ralph Wilhelm, and Max Wisshak. It includes images from Austria, Bosnia, Canada, China, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Slovenia, Romania, and the USA.

The winning video can be viewed at right. You can click in the lower right to watch full screen, and at resolutions up to full HD (1080p) if your computer's processor is fast enough!



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