Come Cave with Me

By Frank McDonough, © 2012

Come cave with me, let’s cave, let’s cave today.
Come to think of it I know where there’s a pit
just a couple of hours away.
Come cave with me, let’s cave, let’s cave today.

Come cave with me let’s go down to the Guads
In enchantment land there’s much more than sand, laying underneath our bods.
Come cave with me and you will scream “Oh God”

Once I get you down there, where the air is cool and damp,
We’ll explore with a LED lamp.
Once I get you down there I’ll be holding you so very near,
You might even hear, Hodags cheer, because we're together.

Weatherwise its windy and its grey.
Just say that’s that and we’ll beat the bats, to where it’s still and quiet all day.
It’s perfect for some loving down below they say.
Come cave with me let’s cave.....let’s cave today.


Mayacon Theme Song

By Marian McConnell, © 2012

C                                D                     Am
Buscamos doce calaveras (X) de cristal
G                   Em       Am
Escondido en las cuevas

(Add to last chorus)
We seek twelve crystal skulls, (X) twelve crystal skulls
Hidden in the caves

Am                      C                      D            Am                              
Mayan Mayan Mayacon… (X) Calaveras!
Am                      C                     E7               Am
Mayan Mayan Mayacon.. (X) En las cuevas!


       Am                                       C

  1.  We follow the clues, the calendar too

  Em                              Am
The first skull has been found
Twelve calaveras are hidden from view
In the mountains and under ground

  1.  We pray they are no longer lost

We look for their hollow eyes
From dark to light, no matter the cost
We’ll bear their silent cries

  1.  In rivers and creeks, mysterious holes

Where battlesraged long ago
In caves so wild, we risk our souls
To seek these treasures of old

<<<Instrumental Chorus>>>

  1.  Whispered words like sulfur and Haynes

Are magical passwords
Unlock the doors and break the chains
And pierce these hidden worlds