Exhibition of Crafts, and other art forms not included in the other salons.
The Craft & Design Salon presents the second competition/exhibition to be held at Convention
Shippensburg, Pennsylvannia.
The Craft and Design Salon is the official venue for exhibiting speleologically inspired craftwork.
Craftwork can be in any medium, and be either functional or interactive and involve a craft other than fine art.
The Craft & Design Salon is a direct off-shoot from the Fine Arts Salon and welcomes artists who can think outside the box, for using speleology in our everyday lives in a useful, functional or interactive way.
ENTRIES - All entry forms must be submitted before Convention. Do not send original artwork with entry form, please!
Mail entry forms to Carolina Shrewsbury, 124 4th Ave NW, Largo FL 33771 postmarked no later than July 15th, 2013, or simply email to Artwork must be shipped to address given on acceptance only a week before Convention, or to arrive in the Salon by 5pm Saturday AUGUST 3rd, 2013.
There will be 2 categories this year.

  1. Functional- these will be for anything that can be used or worn.

-Quilts, clothes, household items, interior design.
2. Interactive- This is artwork created to amuse or challenge.
-Games, plays, puppets, sensual experiences 

We want to see what cavers have to offer that is creative and inspired by their caving experience/interest/profession.
Help us judge this year with your votes and by participating in a Craft Salon Critique on Friday morning in the Salons.
There some simple requirements for presenting artwork at Convention, please read carefully so that you may enter and display respectful of other artists and those who staff the Convention and Salons:

  1. Send/email your application form with Titles, prices (if you want to sell) and all the names of persons involved creating your work, BEFORE bringing to Convention.
  2. Ensure your work arrives at Convention before 3pm on Sunday. If you are unsure you are able to keep that deadline then please ship your work. Work arriving after closing on Sunday, ie: left and not registered, will not be accepted.
  3. If you ship work, let the Salon Chairman know, and provide paid return shipping label for our shipping clerk.
  4. Be courteous with your packing, make your artwork safe and stable but please keep it easy to repack and ship.
  5. You are responsible for any damage caused through transport. So insure work appropriately. You are responsible for all shipping and packaging.
  6. You are responsible for the display of your artwork, that means providing the framing and support it may need.
  7. Artwork must arrive in the Salon ready to be put on a stand, table or wall. We cannot be responsible for constructing or dismantling an exhibit. If your artwork requires this, you must either be prepared to come with it, or supply your own staff to do it.
  8. If your artwork requires connection to an electrical socket, please provide long cords. They need to be no shorter than 20 ft.
  9. Artwork has to leave the Salon on Friday after the Critique. Be prepared to arrive at the Salon between 11:30am and 12 mid-day. If shipping, our shipping clerk will take care of it, but this notification must be clear in your application form. When packing your work for shipping, remember someone has to probably repack it, so please be considerate.
  10. If you or other are coming to Convention. You will be expected to come to Salon on Friday to pack your own work.