Fine Arts Salon

Exhibition of drawings, paintings, sculpture, and other art forms not included in the other salons.

The Fine Arts Salon is the official art exhibition held annually at the NSS Convention to provide a competetive, social, and fund raising venue for all speleoartists. This is the only annual, national art exhibition for speleologists at this time. Those of us who  participate are very proud to be part of something so unique.

The beginning of presenting speleological art was through SpeleoArt, founded by Carolina Shrewsbury in the early 1990s, with the help of Dave Gibson of the BCRA in the UK. SpeleoArt began as a SiG (special interests group) in response to a number of artists world wide who wanted recognition for caves in art. SpeleoArt came over to the USA by invitation, to set up a fine arts exhibiting venue for the NSS.

SPELEOART: is the International Congress venue for exhibiting speleologically inspired artwork. Artwork can be in any medium, from painting and sketching to digitally altered photography, computer graphics, pottery and sculpture, textiles and mixed media. The subject has to be involving karst and caves and focus on the central interest of speleology. All artwork MUST be original. For details on criteria for exhibiting, please refer to the Fine Arts Salon Criteria and Rules.

ENTRIES: Entry forms are available to apply online directly or download from the Congress website or Do not send original artwork with entry form please!

DEADLINE: July 1st 2009 Entry forms will not be accepted if submitted at the Congress. Include a self-portrait preferably as a digital image. Applications will be screened and artists will be notified by mail or E-mail. Applicants can choose to be entered in the International judging competition or not. All exhibits are encouraged to be sold at SpeleoArt or entered for NSS Auction. There will be 25% commission charge for each artwork sold. Additional information and the Congress address to send artwork will be supplied at time of notification. Each digital image, slide, or photo must be accompanied by: Name of artist, Dimensions of the piece, Medium and Price/NFS (not for sale).

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Please click logo for adult and child entry forms. They may be submitted online, or printed and mailed. Paper copies may be obtained from Carolina Shrewsbury at the address below.


RELEASE STATEMENT - Include the following statement with your signature: "I grant to the NSS the right to reproduce images of these entries in NSS exhibits, web sites, catalogues, publications, recordings, and audio/visual programs."

- Judging will occur at the Congress. Judging for the SpeleoArt Award will be by caver ballot.

FURTHER INFORMATION - Questions may be referred to Carolina Shrewsbury, 221 Leitha Way, Lakeland, FL 33809 or email <speleoart[at]>.

Carolina Shrewsbury
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