Fine Arts Salon Judging Criteria


Exhibition Themes
2014- Biology
2015- Rock Art
2016- Caving Gear/Equipment
2017- Geology
2018- The Caver
2019 - Passage and Pitch

1. ONE application form:

$15 entry fee for exhibition only, $10 for Salon volunteers. $5 for youth (12 years and under)

2. Please submit completed forms at the NSS Convention at the Salons area on the Saturday before the Monday opening.

Artwork must be by living artists who are NSS members.

3. Send information and photographs of your work only to Carolina Shrewsbury, Email: speleoart(at)

4. Shipped artwork must include completed form and correct fee.

5. Entry fees are per person per Salon

6. Make checks for entry fees payable to the NSS FAS.

7. The number of entries is limited to 4 per person for competition, an optional 4 can be entered for show only.

8. The size of entries will be limited to space available for each individual artist.

9. Entries submitted at the Convention will be accepted only on a space-available basis. Salon Competition entries will be given priority. Artwork must be FOR SALE or FOR AUCTION. Artwork not for sale will be considered for Craft and Design Salon. Previous Salon Awarded work is exempt from this criteria- see item #12

10. There is provision for artwork to be displayed but not judged if the artist so wishes.

11. All exhibits are encouraged to be sold at Salon or entered for NSS Auction.

12. Previously awarded work is encouraged to be exhibited but will not be judged in the Salon.

13. Applications will be screened and artists will be notified by mail or E-mail.

14. Additional information, and Convention address to send artwork can be accessed through Convention website at, or will be supplied at time of notification. Artwork must arrive in the Salon by Saturday before Convention opens.

15. Each jpeg image must be accompanied by:

a. Name of artist,

b. artwork title.

c. Include the following statement with your signature: "I grant to the NSS the right to reproduce images of these entries in NSS exhibits, web sites, catalogues, publications, recordings, and audio/visual programs.”

16. The NSS will deduct a 20% commission from all art sold.

17. All artwork must be appropriately framed or professionally presented.

Print labels on card for each artwork with Artist Name, Artwork Title, Mediums used, PRICE/AUCTION

18. Art will be judged in 2 categories THEME and OPEN.

19. Winners will be selected in each category and a Best in Show overall.

20. Judging will occur at the Convention.

21. Judging for the SpeleoArt Award and Youth Divisions will be by caver ballot.

23. Judges choice will be final.

24. The awards are Pins: Merit Award and Honorable Mention in each category. Best of Show and the SpeleoArt Award are awarded on NSS Salon Night during Convention Week. All work accepted for show in this Salon will be awarded Certificate of Excellence.

Questions may be referred to Carolina Shrewsbury phone (727) 424-2903 or e-mail speleoart(at)

Recent Winners