NSS Conservation Grants

Photo by Dave Bunnell


The Conservation Committee is authorized to award up to $5,000 annually from the Save-the-Caves Fund to make grants of up to $1000 to Internal Organizations, Conservation Task Forces, Conservancies, or to individual NSS members for specific projects that involve cave or karst conservation, restoration, or cleanup. The Conservation Committee is responsible for establishing the application, review, and award process. Recipients of these grants shall submit written reports to the Society as stipulated by the Chairman of the Conservation Committee. To be considered for a grant award, applications must include adequate description of one or more of the following:
- scientific investigation of cave or karst conservation problems;
- speleological research that will directly contribute to cave or karst conservation;
- the remediation of ecological problems in cave, karst, or pseudokarst areas;
- hands-on, in-cave efforts to restore cave passages to a former ecological state;
- equipment and supplies for conservation or restoration projects that include hands-on participation from cavers;
- or public outreach to inform and raise awareness of cave and karst values. 

Conservation Grants are awarded throughout the year, subject to availability of funds and number of applications received.


Contact Information:
Val Hildreth-Werker
P.O. Box 207
Hillsboro, NM 88042
(575) 895-5050


Photo by Jens Romer