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How To Post Activities on the CCG Website


Software used to make and maintain this website:
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express.
Mozilla Firefox
These Mozilla Firefox extensions: FireFTP, Web Developer.
These Microsoft Internet Explorer extensions: Developer toolbar, Web Accessibility toolbar.


Other technologies used:
Google Groups - for the members mailing list and the officers mailing list.
Google Apps - spreadsheet for the treasury, document for the CCG equipment.
Microsoft Access - for the membership database


Comments? Email the CCG Webmaster (include CCG in subject line)

Publicly accessible resource page is planned that will contain these and other items:
CCG equipment
CCG minutes(that are not in the UM)
Template for dues and money received
Template for treasury report


Banner graphic (silhouette of cave cross section with caver on opposite sides) drawn by CCG member Merrill Ann Gonzales for this website in 2007.


MORE TO COME. This is the page that's always under construction.