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About the CCG

The CCG Membership

  • The CCG has about 124 members (8/2016) from the following states:
    AK 1, AR 1,AZ 1, CT 78,  FL 1, IL 1, KY 1, MA 6, NJ 5, NY 21, PA 2, Quebec 2, RI 1, TX 1, VT 2. 
  • A membership list is available to current members via a non-public link. Members can email to request this and other members-only links.
  • The CCG became a NSS grotto on March 31, 1959 at 7:30 pm.
    The CCG is 57 years old on March 31, 2016

How to contact the CCG

  • Email:  and include "CCG" as part of a caving related subject line. Please include your full name and at least the city/state part of your postal address. If you don't get a reply within a few days, please re-send or call the numbers below.
  • Phone: Norm Berg at 860-621-2080 or Bob Simmons at 860-738-1176
  • Write: CCG, P.O. Box 57, Winchester, CT 06094
  • Website:

The CCG Membership List

A membership list is available to current members via a non-public link. Members can email to request this and other members-only links.

Member's Email List

The CCG maintains an email list under a Google Group. Members may use this list to send caving related email to other members, such as trip announcements, meeting planning, and an occasional commentary. If you are a CCG member and believe you are not receiving CCG member email, please contact the Membership Chair, from the email address that you want to use.


The current and past issues of the CCG publication, the Underground Movement, may be viewed at UM Listing. We also recommend The Northeastern Caver, a quarterly publication covering caving throughout the northeast.

The CCG is an Institutional Member of these organizations

  • Northeastern Cave Conservancy (NCC)
  • West Virginia Cave Conservancy (WVCC)
  • Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi)


CCG Patch -  designed by Jansen Cardy and Norm Berg

CCG patch - sew on or iron on

CCG Patch

The CCG patch is an embroidered cloth patch, approx 4-1/2 inches in diameter with reinforced backing. It can be sewed or ironed on (back is covered with adhesive that melts at ironing temperatures). Washable and rugged. To order send $5 to address on CCG membership form.

The inner workings of the CCG - the business part

Typical CCG meeting agenda

Typical CCG meeting agenda and officers meeting checklist. Typical CCG Meeting Agenda

Constitution and Bylaws

CCG Constitution and Bylaws ConstBylaws (PDF format)

Officer responsibilities

Summary of Central Connecticut Grotto Officer Duties is at CCG Officer Duties 

Officer's email list

An email list exists for the topics of CCG operation and business. It is for CCG officers and other members who would like to actively participate in the discussions. Contact if you are interested in joining this list.

CCG Projects

In-Cave Data Logger Project - begun 2/2008 and now stagnate. See the Logger Project at  datalogger/index.htm

About the CCG Website, Email, and other technology

This stand-alone page has details, concepts, and random thoughts concerning the technology that the CCG uses: About the website

Fall 2007 NRO Registration table

The registration table on Sunday morning at the Fall 2007 NRO.