December 13, 2011 Tuesday: Monthly Grotto Meeting With Elections and Holiday Party


Meeting is at a member's house in Southington, CT. For more info please email (put "Caving Meeting" in the subject line), or call Norm Berg at 860-621-2080 (evenings before 9 PM) or Jonathan LeMay at 203-560-0308.

Elections for grotto officers will be held at this meeting. The list of current officers is on the CCG home page . If you wish to run for an office, or just assist the CCG in it's work, please come to the meeting. If you want to run for an office but can't make this meeting, please email


Summary of Central Connecticut Grotto Officer Duties is at CCG Officer Duties 


This December's meeting will include a potluck dinner. Please bring a meal item for all to share (see below for how much) and bring your own beverages. Cups, plates, and utensils are provided. We will start the gathering (and eating) at 6:30 and the regular CCG business meeting will begin at 7:30 so that all can be involved.


What and how much should I bring to this potluck? Bring 4 portions of your food item for each member of your family/group. This way a person can make a meal out of 4 items (of course your meal may vary, and we don't audit your plate). Bring main course (meat, pasta, casserole. etc) or side dish (salad, vegetables, etc) or appetizer (cheese and crackers, etc.) or desert. You have use of a full kitchen with oven and microwave. If you prefer not to prepare food -- order at a take-out restaurant or try a supermarket prepared ready-to-eat meal . If you are not going to eat at the meeting you are not obligated to bring food.


This meeting is a good opportunity to bring trip photos, gear, or maps that you would like to show. So - please bring them. We will provide a digital projector, screen, and Windows computer. High speed wireless internet available. If your presentation requires special software, please bring a computer. As always, members are welcome to bring guests and family. We hope to see you at the meeting.