In-Cave Data Logger Project
Sponsored by the Central Connecticut Grotto

To develop a data logger to log caver traffic and environmental conditions in caves.

This project is a work in progress, is frequently updated, and done entirely by volunteers. For more information, updates, and other documents, please contact us. We encourage the sharing of cave data logging technology.

Norman Berg: Project coordinator; Access, Excel, C# programmer.
Jansen Cardy: Consultant; Outreach liaison to the caving and cave management community.
John Froehlich: Hardware developer; C and Assembly programmer.

Norman Berg of the Central Connecticut Grotto.  Email: (please include "CCG Data Logger" in the subject line). If you donít get a reply within a week, please call 860-621-2080 (before 9pm eastern time)

Mini Status Update - July 2011:
We are moving along, not as fast as desired, but moving. As technology improves, we are using a more efficient microcontroller, using multiple sensors, and phasing out the RS-232 interface in favor of a USB interface. If you would like to be notified of significant project updates, please contact us (see above).

Description Document Revised Availability
Overview of project Logger Overview.pdf 08-July-2011 on this website
Photos of loggers and installations In-Cave Data Logger Photos 16-June-2011 link to public site
Logger deployment worksheet Logger Deployment Worksheet.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Hardware and Software summary Logger Hardware.pdf 27-July-2011 on this website
Describes the process of taking Hobo data to Excel and then to Access Logger Hobo Data To MS Excel to MS Access.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Describes the process of analyzing the data in Microsoft Access Logger MS Access Analysis.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Describes the process of making reports in Access Logger MS Access Reports.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Process of charting in Excel with Time on X axis. This is not the current charting method. Logger MS Excel Charting.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Process of charting in Excel with Date on X axis Logger MS Excel Charting 2.pdf 14-April-2009 on this website
Describes the user interface  (proposed system currently in development) Logger User Interface.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Hobo product info, mostly screen shots of their program. Logger Hobo Product Info.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
A flowchart of Access analysis as used in "Logger Demo.mdb" Logger MS Access Flowchart.pdf 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Sample of logger data from Hobo and edited in CSV format  Logger from Hobo and edited A1.csv 07-Dec-2008 on this website
The charting of the Access analysis done in Microsoft Excel Logger Demo A1.xls 07-Dec-2008 on this website
Analysis and charting preparation done in Microsoft Access - the number crunching Logger Demo.mdb Dec-2008 contact the CCG
Photo of a logger being installed (a typical deployment) Logger being installed.jpg Dec-2008 contact the CCG
Photo of a logger before removal (a typical deployment) Logger before removal.jpg Dec-2008 contact the CCG
[cave] visitation monitoring proposal to NCC - Jan 2008 [cave] Visitation Monitoring Proposal.pdf 15-Jan-2008 contact the CCG
[cave] visitation logger report - Mar 22 2008 [cave] Visitation Logger Report March 22, 2008.pdf 26-March-2008 contact the CCG
[cave] light detector test - Oct 2007 [cave] Hobo data report.pdf 19-Oct-2007 contact the CCG
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, M1, T1, T2, T3, T4, and more
Various cave deployment analysis and charts
various names ongoing, various dates contact the CCG
Cave Visitation Monitoring In [cave] Cave
Summary Report to the NCC
Cave Visitation Monitoring in [cave].pdf 16-Feb-2009 contact the CCG

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