Summary of CCG officer duties:

Chair: Ensure that the various CCG activities runs smoothly and that the CCG has an active membership.  The Chair oversees and manages as needed: monthly meetings, caving trips, membership (new, renewals, dues collection), CCG funds (treasury, bank account, pay bills), NSS reporting requirements, short and long range planning, grotto equipment, communications (newsletter, website, email lists). Arranges participation in regional and national events. Read and replies to caving-related email sent to the grotto's public email address. Must attend meetings.

Vice Chair: Arrange for the monthly meeting program/presentation. Facilitate caving trips and related activates. Fill in for Chair when needed. Must attend most meetings.

Treasurer: Keep track of money coming in and going out. Provides balance and recent traction details at each meeting. Pay bills (typically membership in other organizations and reimbursements). This position requires using an internet based spreadsheet. Coordinates frequently with the Membership Chair. Should attend meetings, though most work is done between meetings.

Secretary: Take minutes at meetings and email the minutes to the officers for review. To ensure coverage at all meetings, the position of Secretary can be shared by more than one person. Must attend meetings or arrange for someone to take minutes.

Membership: Send out notice to those owing dues. Record changes in membership. Bring a current membership list to each meeting or arrange for someone to do this. Provide webmaster and members with a basic list of members. Periodically sends dues money collected to the Treasurer. This position currently requires using a Microsoft Access database program. Coordinates frequently with the Treasurer. Should attend meetings, though most work is done between meetings

Webmaster: Keeps the website up-to-date, usually updating meetings and trips. Posts the CCG newsletters. Maintains the CCG Google group email list in coordination with the Membership Chair. Should attend meetings, though most work is done between meetings.

Safety Officer: Handle any safety (safe caving) items that come along. May also arrange CCG participation in rescue training. Should attend meetings.

Conservation Officer: Handle any conservation items that come along. May also arrange CCG participation in conservation based activities. Should attend meetings.

Vertical Techniques Officer: Handle any vertical climbing items that come along. Keeps track of and maintains the CCG climbing gear. May also arrange vertical practice sessions. Should attend meetings.

Equipment Manger: Keep track of the location and condition of the CCG equipment. Work out logistics of getting gear to those who need it and getting it returned. Should attend meetings.

Newsletter Editor/Manager: Gather material for our newsletter and do the layout, editing, and digital publishing. Ideally published six to twelve times a year. Should attend meetings, but can do this position without making meetings.


While only the Executive Committee is officially elected, other offices are also filled by election at the December meeting. The Executive Committee positions (from the CCG Bylaws) are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasury-Membership Chair, and Communications Chair. Years ago, the position of Treasurer-Membership was split (to distribute the workload and increase member involvement) and the Communications Chair is being referred to as Webmaster. We have also created the positions of Equipment Manager and Newsletter Editor/Manager. These ad-hoc changes are made as needed to best suit the needs of the grotto. CCG officers must be a member of the National Speleological Society (NSS), or join immediately after being elected, and membership must be maintained thru the calendar year. All positions requires a personal email account that you actively use. If you have read this far you are a prime officer candidate.

Revised 20-Noov-2019