Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints!

Conservation is one of our primary focuses. Our Grotto follows the same guidelines as the National Speleological Society (NSS). If it were not for organizations like the NSS, the local Grottos, and cavers themselves, caves could easily be an over exploited and permanently damaged resource, along with the animals and ecosystems that live in them! It is our part to educate fellow cavers and others to the value and fragility of caves. Our hope is that these unique resources will still be there for future generations to enjoy and wonder at!

The National Speleological Society believes:

  • Caves have unique scientific, recreational, and scenic values
  • These values are endangered by both carelessness and intentional vandalism
  • These values, once gone, cannot be recovered
  • The responsibility for protecting caves must be formed by those who study and enjoy them.
  • Accordingly, the intention of the Society is to work for the preservation of caves with a realistic policy supported by effective programs for: the encouragement of self-discipline among cavers; education and research concerning the causes and prevention of cave damage; and special projects, including cooperation with other groups similarly dedicated to the conservation of natural areas. Specifically:
  • All contents of a cave — formations, life, and loose deposits — are significant for their enjoyment and interpretation. Therefore, caving parties should leave a cave as they find it. They should provide means for the removal of waste; limit marking to a few, small, and removable signs as are needed for surveys; and, especially, exercise extreme care not to accidentally break or soil formations, disturb life forms or unnecessarily increase the number of disfiguring paths through an area.

Scientific collection is professional, selective, and minimal. The collecting of mineral or biological material for display purposes, including previously broken or dead specimens, is never justified, as it encourages others to collect and destroy the interest of the cave.

The Society encourages projects such as:

  • Establishing cave preserves
  • Placing entrance gates where appropriate
  • Opposing the sale of speleothems
  • Supporting effective protective measures
  • Cleaning and restoring over-used caves
  • Cooperating with private cave owners by providing them knowledge about their cave and assisting them in protecting their cave and property from damage during cave visits
  • Encouraging commercial cave owners to make use of their opportunity to aid the public in understanding caves and the importance of their conservation.
  • Where there is reason to believe that publication of cave locations will lead to vandalism before adequate protection can be established, the Society will oppose such publication.
  • It is the duty of every Society member to:
  • Take personal responsibility for spreading a consciousness of the cave conservation problem to each potential user of caves. Without this, the beauty and value of our caves will not long remain with us.

For more information on cave conservation, check out the NSS Conservation Division.