Become a Member

Meeting and Contact Information

If you are interested in joining Flittermouse Grotto, the first thing you should do is attend a meeting! We currently meet on the third Friday of each month at ______ from 7:00–10:00 PM.

Once you have a chance to introduce yourself to the Grotto in person, the next steps are to join our mailing list or Facebook Group and go on a caving trip!

Dues and Membership Requirements

To become an official member of Flittermouse Grotto, the requirements are fairly simple – we require some basic training, which we offer frequently (or a nod from our safety officer that you already have that), and two cave trips with Grotto members. BUT that does not mean that we don’t welcome you to come caving with us before you meet those requirements – on the contrary! To apply for membership, simply request the application form at any Grotto meeting. Annual Grotto dues are $15 for an individual, $17 for all members in a family.