Hellhole is a CLOSED cave.

These photos were taken during surveying trips 

done through a special arrangement between

 the Germany Valley Karst Survey and 

Greer Limestone--the leaser of the cave entrance.


All photos by Brian Masney



Self-portrait in the entrance room


Mary Schmidt 

about to be devoured by the calcite

Skull Monster


Skull Formation from the front


Dave Riggs climbing the 247' Southwest Dome


Josh Flaugher at the traverse in the 

Holy Cow Batman Passage


Terry McClanathan climbing the Batman Dome

(306 feet--the highest known drop in a WV cave)


Formations near the No Name Room


Terry McClanathan in the 

Holy Cow Batman Passage


Terry McClanathan in another part of 

Holy Cow Batman Passage



Josh Flaugher, John Harman and 

Mary Schmidt in Bob's Big Break 



Terry McClanathan in a lead 

off the Southwest Express




Dave in the Southwest Express



Brian in the Hell's Kitchen area



Caver being beamed up 

(Who needs vertical gear?)


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