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Monongahela Grotto
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The grotto meets on the last Monday of the month at Three Ways Inn in Fairmont, WV at 7pm. Come at 6:30 if you plan on eating. 


(Updated May 30, 2011)





Mom Grotto members and friends in Haynes Cave in WV

The Monongahela Grotto is a regional organization of cavers. If you live in or near the North Central West Virginia area and are interested in caves and caving,  we invite you to come to our meetings.



Because of the spread of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) to bats in this region, all caves in the Monongahela National Forest are closed until June 30, 2012. Going in those caves could result in a large fine and six months in jail. 

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Presentation topics for upcoming meetings include: 

Vertical caves WV

 Caving in West Virginia 

WV Caves

WV Caving 


Caving Safety

Cave Conservation

West Virginia Caving Accidents

Tucker County Caves

Randolph County Caves

Cave Surveying in WV

Cave Digging in the Cheat Canyon



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