Caving Links


West Virgina Grottos with Web Sites 

WVU Student Grotto

Parkersburg Area Grotto

Charleston Grotto
Tri-State Grotto


ESSO Grotto

(In Kentucky, near Huntington)


Other Regional Grottos

Washington DC Grotto (DCG) 
Baltimore Grotto 

Sligo Grotto

Reisterstown, MD  (with on-line newsletter)

Pittsburgh Grotto 
Loyalhanna Grotto 

Indiana, PA

Nittany Grotto

State College, PA
VPI Cave Club 

Blacksburg, VA

Battlefield Area Troglodyte Socisty (BATS)

Fredericksburg VA (with on-line newsletter)

James River Grotto

Lynchburg, VA

Richmond Area Speleological Society (RASS)

Tidewater Grotto

Hampton Roads VA  (with on-line newsletter)

Blue Ridge Grotto

Roanoke, VA (with on-line newsletter)

Cleveland Grotto

  (with on-line newsletter)

Central Ohio Grotto

Galena, Ohio

Dayton Underground Grotto

(with on-line newsletter)

Greater Cincinatti Grotto 

(with on-line newsletter)

Blue Grass Grotto

Lexington, KY

Louisville Grotto


Other Good Grotto Sites

Northern Indiana Grotto 

(with on-line newsletter)

Timpanogos Grotto

Orem, Utah

Kansas City Area Grotto

(with on-line newsletter)

Permian Basin Speleological Society

Midland, Texas (with on-line newsletter)


Organization Links


PSC (old site)

PSC (new site)






Bat Conservation International 


Maryland Geological Survey Cave Page

(with photos and descriptions of MD caves)


Informational Links

Closed Caves

World Caving News (WCN)

Caving Intro Site 

(With links to mapping software, caving news, etc.)  

Caving Technology

Caving Accidents 
Long and Deep Cave Lists

(Compiled by Bob Gulden)

World Cave Database

(Compiled by Eric Madelaine)

The Carbide Caver

West Virginia Cave Surveys   

(From PSC site)  

Cave and Karst Parks (National Park Service) 

TAG Caving Resources 
Cave Page  

(An Australian Page)  
Cave Research Foundation 
Speleogenesis and the Evolution of Karst Aquifers  

("A virtual scientific journal")

World Wind

 (A NASA program with 3D aerials and topos)

NPS Cave and Karst Program

Life on  a Line

(A Manual of Modern Cave Rescue 

Ropework Techniques from the UK)


Grotto Members Cave Photos 

Brian Masney's Cave Pictures

Doug Bell's Flicker Page

Harry's Maranakis' Caving Page

Dave Riggs' Photos

WV  Underground

(John Harman, Josh Flaugher and other WVUSG members)


Other Caving Photos

Bill Storage's Photos and Articles

The Virtual Cave 
David Gibson's Site (UK) 
Innermost Imagery 



Special Interest  Web Sites

Vertical Section of the NSS 
Cave Rescue Section of the NSS 
Paleontology Section of the NSS 
Video Section of the NSS 
Survey and Cartography Section of the NSS 
Cave Conservation and Managment Section of the NSS
Geography and Geology Section of the NSS
Communications and Electronics Section of the NSS 



Survey Software

National Geophysical Data Center

(For declination)

Brandon Kowallis's Site including Adobe Illustrator for Cavers Tutorial

(For tutorials click on Cave Resources)



Cool Map Tools

Convert Lattitude/Longitude to UTM



Animated Knots

Roper's Knot Page

(An on-line encyclodedia of knots)


Blogs and Forums

Northern WV Caving Blog 

(Maintained by Dave Riggs)

US Cavers Forum

Candle Power Forums



West Virginia Cave Conservancy 

Mid Atlantic Karst Conservancy 
Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy 
South Eastern Cave Conservancy 
Billy Clay Cave Preserve

Sinnett-Thorne Conservancy

Michigan Karst Conservancy 
Northeastern Cave Conservancy
Indiana Karst Conservancy 
American Cave Conservation Association 
Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy 
Texas Cave Management Association
The Karst Conservancy



Karst Sports  

Inner Mountain Outfitters (IMO) 

On Rope 1 

Bob and Bob 
Howie's Harnesses  
Gonzo Guano Gear

Lost Creek Packs 

Accessary Gear 

Forestry Suppliers, Inc

The GPS Store





Miscellaneous Links

 The Death of Floyd Collins  (recorded by Vernon Dalhart in 1925) 

Cave Ballads 

(from NSS Conventions in mp3 format)

Ted's Caving Page

(You have to read this entire web journal/trip report

 to appreciate it.)

Caver License Plates

Caving Clip Art  

Scott Hollow

Organ Cave

An abridged Great Cave of Dry Fork of Cheat River 



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