1. Adopt-a-Highway.

Three times a year members of the Monongahela Grotto pick up the litter along several miles of Old US 33 in front of Bowden Cave.


2. Bob White Cave

The Monongahela Grotto acts as the manager of this cave in Tucker County. Bob White Cave is owned by The Nature Conservancy. We monitor the cave and the property to ensure that they stay clear of litter and vandalism. Although it is hard to enforce, we try to ensure that commercial outfitters aren't using the cave and that cavers who go into Bob White obey the rule that no more than six cavers are allowed in the cave at any one time.


Cave Survey Projects

 with which some of our members are associated. 


1. Tucker County Survey 

Tucker County Speleological Survey folks rendezvous on the third Saturday of every month at Teresa's Restaurant (where Mama's Kitchen used to be--directly behind Sheetz). This survey is directly aimed at expanding information for an upcoming WVASS Bulletin on the caves of Tucker County. Because of WNS, we have been mostly ridgewalking since April, 2009, checking and documenting cave locations and finding new caves. Our meeting time varies, so don't just show up without checking first.  For info contact Doug McCarty (304) 363 0922


2. Druid/New Years Day Cave Project

An effort in Preston County and Monongalia County, WV with members of WVUSG, Mon Grotto and WVACS working to connect and survey Druid Cave, New Years Day Cave and the downstream dig. The survey trips are scheduled when the spirit moves one of us. This is very difficult caving for experienced cave surveyors. Click here to learn more about Druid Cave, and here to learn more about New Years Day Cave. 


3. Germany Valley Karst Survey

GVKS meets on the second weekend of every month, most people staying at the field house. Click here for the GVKS web site



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