Cave Equipment

Disclaimer: This is a basic list geared toward beginning cavers. This is not meant to be a complete list of equipment and supplies needed for caving. All caves are different and will require different types of equipment and supplies.

  1. 1 large plastic bag to put dirty cave clothes into for the trip home.
  2. 2 complete sets of clothing - that means two of everything, especially shoes, socks, and underwear. Everything you wear will be stained by the cave mud, it will be clean after washing but will not ever look like it once did.
    1. 1 set of clothes to wear to and from the cave. TIP: Put on your cave clothes when you get out of bed, this way you don't have to change clothes twice. This saves a lot of time.
    2. 1 set of clothes to wear in the cave. TIP: It should be loose in the crotch to allow freedom of leg movement, with a belt to hold up the pants. Outer shirt should be long sleeve - don't overdress because you will get hot and sweaty.
    3. No sweat shirts or pants. They soak up water, are heavy, stay wet, and deprive you of body heat. TIP: SHOES SHOULD NOT BE NEW.
  3. Optional Items (but highly recommended):
    1. Knee pads.
    2. Elbow pads.
    3. Pack (back or side) containing the following items:
      1. Plastic zip-lock bag for trash (like food wrappers).
      2. Disposable camera with flash.
      3. Snack food like trail mix / beef sticks.
      4. 1/2 liter bottle of water.
  4. 1 pair of gloves (cotton gardening gloves are OK).
  5. 1 helmet with chin strap:
    1. To protect your head from bumps.
    2. Place to mount light.
  6. 1 light that can be mounted on the helmet. TIP: Optionally a handheld light may be carried, but it restricts the use of your hands and should definitely have a tether cord to prevent dropping it to a place where you can't get it back.
  7. 2 sets of batteries (must be sufficient for 4 hours of operation).
  8. 1 handkerchief.
  9. 1 jug of water to wash with while changing clothes. TIP: Baby wipes are also great to use.
  10. 1 towel for use while changing clothes.
  11. Money. TIP: Tumbling Rock charges $10, for non-SCCi members, to go into their cave. In other caves you will not need money. You will always need money for eating after you leave the cave though.

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