Shasta Area Grotto

Devoted to the knowledge and understanding of caves

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  Our Mission Statement: The Shasta Area Grotto is a conservation minded organization devoted to the preservation and study of caves and their contents.
  Who are we? We are a group of people who enjoy the study and exploration of caves. We began as the Gaping Holes gang in 1979 and became the Shasta Area Grotto, an internal organization of the National Speleological Society, in 1982.
  Our grotto has members living in Northern California, Western Nevada and Southern Oregon. We have monthly meetings followed by next-day caving activities. Meeting locations differ from month to month. The region we cover includes both limestone and lava tube caves: some are vertical or otherwise technical, but most can be visited by cavers with essential equipment, basic caving skills and an understanding of cave safety and cave protection.
  WHITE NOSE SYNDROME (WNS) ADVISORY: White-nose syndrome has now been found in bats in a few spots on the west coast. All cavers are reminded to clean their clothing, shoes and gear before all cave trips to avoid spreading the disease to other bats, with particular attention to thoroughly decontaminating gear that has been used in places already hit by the disease. For current information on WNS and on caves that have been closed to control its spread go to