Shasta Area Grotto

Devoted to the knowledge and understanding of caves

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SAG meetings are held the 4th Friday or Saturday of each month at 7:30 p.m. We will also be camping out on several weekends to plan cave activities for the NSS Annual Convention in Weed in 2021. For Dry Camp and Porcupine Camp, bring everything (tent, food, personal items) and water and camp stove. We will have bathroom facilities. Access is on a dirt track, OK for Subaru, RAV4, and trucks, not low clearance vehicles. If Hat Creek is open we will be there Oct. 23-25.  Contact Liz for details on the trips, and to sign up as a trip guide during the Convention. The schedule lists caves we will be visiting to familiarize ourselves with for leading trips.

The tentative schedule is:

Aug 28-30  SAG Meeting Sat at 7:30 pm. at Dry Camp. Trip planning for Sidebottom Ice, Ice Palace to
                    Lloyd's Ice Rink, Breakdown Chamber to Pillared & pre?-flow spatter cone; also
                    Francis' Folly/Roman Bath & craters (as a pre- or post convention trip).
Sept 4-9      Marbles campout? Contact Steve about mules on the 4th and 9th for handling our gear.

Sept 18-20  Trip planning for Sunbeam Pit (vert) and Tire Tube (vert) on Saturday. Shovel/Arch Sunk,
                  Tree Cast Pillar area and Bent Skylight/Camilla's/Junction on Saturday and Sunday.
                  Camping at Porcupine Camp, bring camping gear and water.

Sept 25-26  SAG meeting Sat. 7:30 at Steve's. Preparation Saturday for SAG/SAR rescue practice
                    Oct. 10 (tentative).
Oct 10        (Saturday) SAG/SAR rescue practice (tentative).

Oct 16-18  Trip planning for Katelma & Upper Katelma, Rat Castle, Les Martin (vert),
                  Golden Scorpion (vert). Camping at Porcupine Camp.

Oct 23-25  SAG Meeting Sat at 7:30 at Hat Creek. Trip planning for Mad Hatter, Bob the Boulder,
                  Hat Trick & Kiva area, Sweet Sinkers.
Dec 4        (1st Friday) SAG meeting at Broeckels' in Yreka. Cookie exchange, scheduling for 2021 and
                  nominations for 2021 officers.