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Constitution & By-laws

  Sandia Grotto Constitution & By-laws
Bat Houses
  Free Bat House Plans - DIY Bat House Plan

BCI Plans: Single-chamber Bat House - Good design, grooves instead of mesh

    Small Economy Bat House -
    (OBC) Single Chamber Bat House - Note the use of nylon mesh & ventilation
    Bat House Netting
    Video of Building A Three Chamber Bat House
    Criteria for Successful Bat Houses - How to Add Mesh to a Bat House
  BatsLive - White-nose syndrome map - Latest WNS News
Generic Cave-Log
  Dave Decker Version
Maps of interest
  SWR 2018 UNM Meeting Map
Caving Organizations
  Fort Stanton Cave Study Project
    CaveBooks, TSA Memorial Page
    NSS Webinars, Cave Diggers
NSS NEWS Archive
Equipment Vendors
  NSS Checklist of Caving Equip.


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