Cave Fest

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After much discussion, the Sewanee Mountain Grotto Executive Committee has relucantly decided that the most prudent course of action is to cancel CaveFest 2020.

Anyone who watches the news knows that in the Southeast the number of COVID-19 virus cases has been increasing at a rapid rate. We cannot risk our event being the cause of anyone getting infected. As you know the event attracts people from many states and there is just too much risk of exposure.

The good news is we are still planning to print our awesome tee-shirt design. Jerry Wallace knocked it out of the ballpark with his awesome design. It is spectacular. The shirts are being sold on our registration page.

On our registration page there are two options: $20 for pick up and $25 for a shirt to be mailed to you. The deadline for ing will be August 15, 2020.

If you have already registered for camping and a mug your money will be refunded soon. Please be patient with us while we work through this unanticipated cancellation. For more information, please visit our Facebook Group Page at

Everyone stay safe and we will see you all next year!


The History of Cave Fest
Maureen Handler moved to the mountain in August 2002 and had the first labor day weekend party 2 weeks later. In the summer of 2003, Mud Puppy (Peter Michaud) came to live on the mountain to help her build her house. He asked if he could have a labor day weekend party up there. Sure!! We’re always up for another party. PupFest 1 was a success. PupFest 2 and 3 followed in the coming years. In 2004, the Sewanee Mountain Grotto reactivated and in 2005 we decided to do a BBQ and auction to raise money for conservation. Since there were no other big parties in TAG during Labor Day, we decided to do the event at PupFest, since it had a good following. In 2006, SMG took over the whole event, planning cave trips, music, BBQ and the auction. In 2007, we added frosty adult beverages. From its beginning with about 40 people, the event had grown to about 100 people. In 2008, we had our first T-shirts professionally printed. PupFest 6 shirts are still seen regularly at caving events. Through it all, we were able to keep the event free for all participants. This had been a goal from the start. We wanted the best party in TAG for Labor Day weekend and nothing is better than a free party. The event continued to grow and we have since moved the Potluck dinner and Auction to Saturday night and moved the band to Sunday. The grotto has been able to donate thousands of dollars for cave conservation and back to the caving community over the years due to our fund raising efforts. As all things progress and grow, PupFest has evolved into the Sewanee Mountain CaveFEST!! The event is still free and we hope to keep it that way as we look to the future.