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Rocky Mountain Region Constitution and By-Laws (Long)

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:42 pm    Post subject: Rocky Mountain Region Constitution and By-Laws (Long) Reply with quote

This is being posted on the Colorado Cave and Utah Cavers web sites, the only
two sites I have access to. Other grottos within the Rocky Mountain Region
are free to copy it.

At the 2005 Regional in Utah I made mention that the Region was essentially
rudderless. All Region officers had resigned without appointing replacements
and we do not have an effective Constitution and By-laws. No one knew for
sure what officers needed to be elected so we just winged in and voted a few
cavers in by acclamation. The original constitution was dated September,
1975, and is hopelessly out-of-date. A new document was drafted by Kevin
Smith and ratified by the Region at the so-called "Radon Regional" held at
Armpit, Wyoming, in 1993. Apparently, no one sent a copy to the NSS. I have
been in contact with Keith Wheeland who says something may yet turn up when
everything is transferred from Evelyn Bradshaw to him, but I have personal
doubts. Kevin says he didn't send anything, and I had to only known copy in
1997. This was given to the Regional chair at the time, but is now lost. If
anyone reading this has a copy, please inform us on the Colorado Cave forum,
and save us a lot of work.

If nothing shows up, the RMR Constitution and By-laws need to be re-written.
For instance, the procedure for membership is ridiculous as written. Nothing
is written as to how monetary proceeds from Regionals is to be distributed.
Requiring two-thirds of the entire membership to amend the by-laws is totally
unrealistic. How are Regional funds spent and on what? Who monitors Regional
equipment that has been purchased? And I could go on and on.

This is not a pressing problem. The Region functions. The Regionals have
been quite successful and enjoyable. But, there should be some guidelines
established as to how we operate. Below is a copy of the original document
for reference. This should be a subject of discussion at the next Regional,
where ever it is held.


I. The name of this organization shall be the Rocky Mountain Region of the
National Speleological Society.

II. The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Region shall be to advance the study
and science of speleology, the protection of caves and karst environment, and
to inspire fellowship among those interested therein.

III. The Rocky Mountain Region shall be governed by an Executive Council
composed of delegated representation chosen annually by each member

(1) The Executive Council shall select from its ranks the following
(a) Chairman
(b) Vice-chairman

(2) The Secretary-treasurer shall be appointed by the
Executive Council, from the membership at large.

IV. Membership in the Rocky Mountain Region shall be open to all those who
are interested in Speleology and have complied with conditions for membership
set forth in the By-laws.

V. The constitution and By-laws of the National Speleological Society shall
be binding of the Rocky Mountain Region. Any action inconsistent therewith
shall be null and void.

VI. Amendments to this constitution may be made at a regular Regional
meeting, or by written consent of one-half of the total membership, as
stipulated in the By-laws.


I. Membership

A. Members are classified as follows: Regular and individual.

(1) Regular organizations are groups consisting of five or more
individuals living in the same general locality, having all the
privileges of the Region, including the right of representation in the
Executive Council, the right to vote, receive a copy of the regular
Regional publication, attend all Rocky Mountain Region activities, and
have access to all the Region's records and data.

(2) Individual members are persons not affiliated with a Regular
organization who have all the privileges of Regular members except the
right to representation in the Executive Council.

B. All applications for membership shall be in writing, addressed to the
Executive Council of the Region, and endorsed by a Regular member in good
standing. Applications shall include a signed statement that the applicant
agrees to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Region, and shall
practice and promote cave conservation and safety.

II. Executive Council and Officers

A. The Rocky Mountain Region shall be governed by an Executive Council
composed of one delegate per organization, chosen annually to represent that
organization in the Executive Council.

(1) Rocky Mountain Region officers shall be National Speleological
Society Members.

(2) Each Executive Council delegate shall have one vote.

III. A regional convention shall be held at least once a year, the time and
place to be determined by the Executive Council. Notice of conventions shall
be forwarded at least one month in advance of the date thereof.

IV. Murphey's Law shall govern all precedural questions arising at meetings
of the Executive Council.

V. These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of either the Executive
Council or the membership at large.

[SIGNED] Sept. 28, 1975

R. Mark Maslyn Colo. School of Mines Grotto
Jim Powers Colorado Grotto
Dale J. Green Salt Lake Grotto
Dale Green
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