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We encourage all cavers to be respectful of the subterranean environments. Here are some rules that we all must agree to follow so that we can continue to enjoy their beauty without destroying the natural features of caves we explore.
Kill nothing but time, take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but carefully placed footprints.

Caves are non-renewable resources, fragile, and easily impacted by our exploration. We are both the visitors and the trespassers into an environment that has been left undiscovered and undisturbed for thousands of years. Any item brought into a cave is out of place when left behind. This includes articles of clothing, food crumbs, and of course human waste. LEAVE NOT TRACE means just that, we need to pack out everything we bring into the cave. We also encourage single track cave exploration to reduce the amount of damage from each caver’s footsteps.

SOUVENIRS: Many newer cave explorers think nothing of taking items out of the caves they visit as a souvenir to sit on their shelves to collect dust at home. The strict rule of caving is that every feature of a cave must remain in the cave. DO NOT TAKE SOUVENIRS. If you accidentally break a cave feature, then leave it where it falls and do your best to not do any more damage.

INTENTIONAL DAMAGE NOTICE: It should go without saying that we should never tolerate intentional damage, defacing, or artifact theft from caves. If you see it happening, then take every action to stop it!

Our efforts to protect the caves we explore will allow our posterity to enjoy the same caves for generations to come!

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