Wasatch Grotto will not be having a May 8 Meeting

Reminder — Wasatch Grotto will not be having a regular Grotto Meeting on May 8.   
Asunto: Re: Sink Hole de Mayo – Hosted by the Salt Lake Grotto 
For SLG grotto members, $5.00 per person; maxing out at $10 per family. 
For other than SLG:   Grotto members: $10 per person, $5 for kids 12 and under, but max out at $20
A whole lot is going into this. It’ll be quite fancy for being in the desert. We are taking it up a notch from the last coupe of years. The prices are actually a steal considering all of what is included, and the fact that we are dragging that stuff all the way out there. 
Bring your brothers, your sisters, and your kids, cuz its time for… ¡SINKHOLE DE MAYO!   – hosted by the SALT LAKE GROTTO  (3rd annual event)

We gather together to celebrate all that is right and good about Mexican culture. The food, the festive colors, the…caving? 

For those (and that should be all of you) that want to camp, people will be rolling in Friday evening after work. Adam and his Entourage will be rolling in somewhere around 5 pm. Food friday night will be a shared affair, meaning bring your own, but we all love each other so sharing will be encouraged! : )

The following morning will be greeted bright and early by a sun salutation/rendtion of the Lion King and a dance around a sombrero, at which point Adam will immediately fire up the grill and begin the carne asada and barbacoa.

Breakfast will be eggs and chorizo (of course) and Horchata

Lunch will be tacos with your choice of meat and acccoutrements

More than enough of Mexican sodas and drinks.

BYOB, but please remember NO DRIVING OR CAVING if you have partaken. Also, please remember temperance above all as this is a family friendly event! : )

More details to come, but there will be multiple trips to other caves in the area, a fully rigged Pink Lime with bolt crossings, standard drops and freehangs to test your caving-mettle. There will also be contests, including a rumored speed free ascent contest, the winner of which gets to shave Rodney’s head (not guaranteed). Other contests are best costume, best/worst Macarena dancer, and hopefully a piñata for the kiddos (and the child within each of us)

Please either paypal the grotto or bring cash. 

Here are some itemized details for those that do not follow my scatterbrained organization

For SLG grotto members, $5.00 per person; maxing out at $10 per family. 
For other than SLG:   Grotto members: $10 per person, $5 for kids 12 and under, but max out at $20
 Please paypal the grotto prior to showing up, but bring cash if you must! : ) This is to cover the cost of food. paypal.me/saltlakegrotto
-Come in full Cinco attire! The more fun or elaborate the better!
Breakfast and Lunch/Snacks will be provided
-Camping Gear
-4 wheel drive is recommended the last mile, until then passenger cars are perfectly fine
-This is a private event, but if you want to invite friends, check with admins (Rodney or Adam)
-Location: Pink Lime Pit   (GPS coords: 40.073040, -112.129890)
– Approx. 1 hour from I-15 in Lehi
-No cell service is common at the site, so plan your trip accordingly!
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