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2015 Big Brush Creek Cave Project Update

This is to inform you of the state of the Big Brush Creek Cave Project at the end of 2015 which is the third year.

We had four trips the first year, six trips the second year and seven trips the third year for a total of 17 trips.

We had 746 meters of survey completed in 2013, 968.21 meters in 2014, and 968.98 meters in 2015 for a total of 2683.52 meters of survey so far in the project.

This translates into 8,804.09 feet of survey or 1.67 miles of survey in the three years. This may seem like a very small amount of survey but when you consider that almost all the survey was done by beginners who had to learn every part of what they were doing including the instruments and the sketches, it is really quite amazing. When you factor in the fact that we only surveyed and average of 6 to 7 hours one day for each trip and add in the eight hours of driving required for each trip, the total becomes really awesome. I want to express my thanks to the 34 people who have helped with the project by coming on trip so far. We have 19 people who have come two times or more.

The following people have received tee shirts for multiple years of survice to the project:

  • Justin Despaine and his wife Lynnea who have come 11 and 10 times respectively
  • Dave and Val Stratford who have come four and five times respectively
  • Dave Herron with three trips and has referred many to join the project

We have many who have shown a great year of service and I look forward to seeing them in 2016. Next year should be a great year for tee shirts.

Special thanks to Vince Cobb, Annaka Clement, Tyler Wallin, Bryce, Ben and Jeanette Ling for their great showing this year. The stars of 2014 were Jared and Caleb Wilkinson. I am sorry we did not see you two this year.

We want all to know that you are invited to each and every trip. Thanks again for any referrals you have given. Special note to Kirsten Kohlwey for her referrals.

For information about this project, contact Dave Shurtz.