How can I get started in the Wasatch Grotto

How can I join the Wasatch Grotto of the National Speleological Society (NSS)?

Joining is inexpensive and easy and the rewards are great. Just come to one of our monthly meetings:

Place: Bountiful Library located at 725 S. Main Street in Bountiful, Utah. We meet in a small room in the basement. If the door is locked to the stairs, use the elevator.

Day and Time: The Second Monday of most months at 7:00 pm. The meetings end just before 9:00 as the library closes. There is a combined Multi-Grotto meeting each quarter in Salt Lake which supersedes the regular meetings for that month. To find out when these are, contact the Grotto leadership.

Dress: Come as you are. We are very casual and very accepting of all

Dues:  For those that would like to join we accept Cash, Check or PayPal:
$10.00 Full year Voting or $11.00 via PayPal
$13.00 Full year Immediate Family Voting or $14.00 via PayPal
$5.00 Co-Grotto Membership or $6.00 via PayPal
PayPal account:

You get slide shows, stories, pictures, planned trips, parties, fun and friends. You also get training, classes, gear reviews, and a quarterly copy of the Utah Caver publication telling of what happened in caving in Utah for that time. This is where the discoveries and new developments in the state are published.

Membership in the NSS costs a little more ($40.00 a year) but is well worth the opportunity to keep you up to date with world wide caving and discoveries via the classy monthly magazine NSS News and members manuals which comes out twice a year and lets you find caving friends anywhere in the U.S.