Serious caver staring. Headlamp on.West Virginia University Student GrottoCave formation

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Name QtyForm
WVASS #3 - Index of WV Cave and Karst Literature2original
WVASS #5 - Caves of North Central West Virginia1xerox
WVASS #6 - Northern Pocahontas County1xerox
WVASS #8 - Caves of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia1xerox
WVASS #9 - Caves of the Organ Cave Plateau1original
WVASS #10 - Caves and Karst Hydrology of Southern Pocahontas County1xerox
WVASS #13 - Caves and Karst of Randolph County1original
Caverns of West Virginia [1965 Davies]1original
Alpine Caving Techniques [2002 Marbach, Tourte]1original
Caving Basics, 3rd Ed. [1992 Rea]2original
Karst Landforms [1977 Sweeting]1original
1998 NSS Convention Guidebook - Journeys Through TAG1original
1996 NSS Convention Guidebook - Caves and Karst of Colorado1original
On Rope, 1st Ed. 1original
On Rope, 2nd Ed.1original
Caving (Essential Guide) [2002 Swart]1original
Adaptation and Natural Selection in Caves [1995 Culver et al]1original
Bats of the United States1original
The Discovery and History of Carlsbad Caverns [Jim White]1original

Black and white photo. One caver helping another come out of a squeeze.

1920's picture with man in suit looking at a stalagmite.
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