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President Elections:
At the Winter 2018 Board meeting in
Blacksburg, Virginia Geary Schindel of Texas was re-elected President.  His second one year term will start at the 2018 NSS Convention. 

Congratulations to Geary Schindel.

Treasurer Elections:
At the Fall  2017 Board meeting the NSS Directorate re-elected Gaylene Speaect of
Colorado for another term as the NSS Treasurer of the NSS.  The one year term will start with the NSS finical year term in the Spring of 2018.

Congratulations Gaylene.

Convention Elections:

At the past 2017 Convention in New Mexico the NSS Directors elected to the following officers for a one year terms:

Administrative Vice President
Katherine Crispin - Pa
Executive Vice President
   - Curt Harler - Oh
Operations Vice President
 Dave Haun - In
Chairman of the Directorate
   -  Peter Youngbear - Vt

Congratulations to the elected officers.


Convention Elections:

At the upcoming 2018 NSS Convention The Directors will elect the three Vice Presidents for a one year term.  These terms will start at the NSS Convention right after the Monday afternoon elections. 

Administrative Vice President:
Katherine Crispin - Pa

Executive Vice President:
Gordon Birkheimer - Va
Scott Engle - Tn
Dennis Melko - Oh

Operations Vice President:
Dave Haun - In
Blake Jordan - Va
Mark Rabin - Co
Mark Skove - Tn

The Directors will also be electing from their ranks a Chairman of the Directors to serve a one year term.

Any NSS members that are interested in running for these positions should contact Carol Tiderman, the chairman of the Executive Search Committee, at Execsearch@caves.org.

Remember the NSS only works because of the members that volunteer their time, please consider these important positions.








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