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A study on thermal dynamics inside Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico, USA

Climatologic studkes inside Sandy Glacier at Mount Hood Volcano in Oregon, USA

Talus-and-gorge ice caves in the northeastern United States past to present—A microclimato-logical study

The importance of air temperature as a key parameter to identify climatic processes inside Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico, USA

Ice cave research of the United States

Reports on ice caves in literature from the Twelfth to the middle of the Twentieth Century

Seasonal cave air ventilation controlling variation in cave air PCO2 and drip water geochemistry at Inazumi Cave, Oita, northeastern Kyushu, Japan

Organic matter enrichment affects archaea commu-nity in limestone cave sediments

First survey of the fungi from the Bakwena Cave in South Africa suggests low human disturbance

Testing the effectiveness of beryllium-7 as a tracer of the movement of sediment over short periods along a cave stream in Hidden River Cave, Kentucky U.S.A

Cyanobacteria and algae in an old mine adit (Marcinków, Sudety Mountains, southwestern Poland)

Comparison of bacterial and archaeal communities from different habitats of the hypogenic Molnár János Cave of the Buda Thermal Karst System (Hungary)

Interactions between surface conditions, the Mediter-ranean Sea, and cave climate within two littoral caves in Mallorca: implications for the formation of phreatic overgrowths on speleothems

The importance of understanding the hydrogeology and geochemistry of karst terrains for safely siting dams

Flank margin cave development and tectonic uplift, Cape Range, Australia

Isotopic evidence for the migration of thermogenic methane into a sulfidic cave, Cueva de Villa Luz, Tabasco, Mexico

Cave biofilms: characterization of phototrophic cyanobacteria and algae and chemotrophic fungi from three caves in Serbia

The unity and diversity of the subterranean realm with respect to invertebrate body size

Biodegradation of polyethylene by bacterial strains isolated from Kashmir Cave, Buner, Pakistan