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Variation of δ13C in plant-soil-cave systems in karst regions with different degrees of rocky desertification in southwest China

Airborne bacteria cultivated from underground hibernation sites in the Nietoperek bat reserve (Poland)

Hypothesized mechanism for the initiation of soil cavities and subsequent cover-collapse in karst terrain

Diatoms from the Valporquero Cave (León, NW Spain), with the description of germainiella legionensis sp. nov.

Characterization of a karst aquifer in a complex tectonic region, Southwestern Iran

Three-dimensional electrical resistivity for detection of subsurface karst associated with Friesenhahn Cave

Speleomycology of air in Demänovská Cave of Liberty (Slovakia) and new air-borne species for fungal sites

The first directly dated cave bear from the Covoli di Velo Cave (Verona Province, Veneto, northern Italy) with some discussion of Italian Alps cave bears

Diatom species diversity and their ecological patterns on different substrates in two karstic streams in the Slovak karst

Microbial diversity of speleothems in two southeast Australian limestone cave arches

Geophysical surveys of a potentially extensive cave system, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico, USA

Late Pleistocene vertebrates from Three-Forks Cave, Adair County, Oklahoma Ozark Highland

Hyalella maya, a new hyalellidae species (crustacea: amphipoda) from a cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Speleogenesis of caves in a cretaceous shale: Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Mineralogical and organic study of bat and chough guano: implications for guano identification in ancient context

Oedichirus spelaeus n. sp., the first cave dwelling beetle from Madagascar (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae)

Environmental parameters controlling stalagmite growth in tropical areas: New insights from cave monitoring at Petruk Cave, central Java, Indonesia

Sinkhole clusters after heavy rainstorms

William B. Muchmore (1920-2017): His taxonomic contributions and complete bibliography

Eco-friendly Remediation of Lampenflora on Speleothems in Tropical Karst Caves