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A minimal model for predicting ventilation rates of subterranean caves

Epilythic cyanobacteria and algae in two geologically distinct caves in South Africa

Metabarcoding comparison of prokaryotic microbiomes from Appalachian karst caves to surface soils in southwest Virginia, USA

Description of a new genus and species as the first gastropod species from caves in Iran

Natural and human-induced subsidence due to gypsum dissolution: a case study from Inandik, Central Anatolia, Turkey

Halotolerant and chaotolerant microfungi from littoral anchialine caves Golubinka and Medova Buža (Croatia)

The concept of regulated use of natural heritage sites included in the tourist cluster: a Russian caves case study

Temperature and reverse-flow patterns of the River Styx, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

The karst and its neighbors: Digital map Multi-year cave dripwater frequency and hydrochemical monitoring of three caves in Eastern North America

Combined use of hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical and isotopic techni-ques to identify the impact of a salt diapir on surrounding aquifers, Southern Iran

Ventilation and cave air PCO2 in the Bunker-Emst Cave System (NW Germany): implications for speleothem proxy data

Comparison of surface and interior karst development in Zagros Karst Aquifers, Southwest Iran

Processes leading to the re-activation of a sinkhole in buried karst and the subsequent drying of waterfalls in a small catchment located in northern Indiana, USA

Description of a new tribe Cabralcandonini (Candonidae, Ostracoda) from karst aquifers in central Texas, U.S.A

Variations of the stable isotopic composition of precipitation and cave drip water at zhenzhu cave, north China: a two-year monitoring study

The karst and its neighbors: Digital map of geomorphic environments in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Caves in space

Observations on the population ecology of the cave salamander, eurycea lucifuga (rafinesque, 1822)

Relict drainage effects on distribution and morphometry of karst depressions: a case study from central Taurus (Turkey)

Formation mechanisms for the largest sandstone sinkhole in Ohio

Brown bear and diversity of airbone algae and cyanobacteria in the Głowoniowa Nyża Cave

Geological and hydrogeological effective factors in the high permeability zones of several dam sites of the Zagros region, Iran