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Karst sinkholes as foci of biodiversity in the Hoosier National Forest

Fungi from dead arthropods and bats of Gomantong Cave, northern Borneo, Sabah (Malaysia)

The fauna of caves and other subterranean habitats of North Carolina, USA

Sundathelphusa prosperidad, sp. n. (decapoda: brachyura: gecarcinucidae), a new cave-obligate freshwater crab from Mindanao Island, the Philippines, with notes on the conservation status of Philippine cave species

Variation in cephalic neuromasts surface and cave-dwelling fishes of the family amblyopsidae (teleostei: percopsiformes)

Lateral ferruginous groundwater transfer as the origin of the iron crusts in caves: A case study

Genesis and evolution of the square soda straws of Dry Cave, West Virginia, USA

Biogeochemical investigations of the speleothem moonmilk in the karst Proschalnaya Cave (Far East, Russia)

Domitius Culsu sp. nov. (Araneae, Nestici-dae), a new troglobiont spider from Italy with notes on Italian nesticids of the genus Domitius Ribera, 2018

Lampenflora and the entrance biofilm in two show caves: comparison of microbial community, environmental, and biofilm parameters

Biodiversity from caves and other sub-terranean habitats of Georgia, USA

Anthropogenic impacts on the bacterial profile of Yarik Sinkhole in Antalya, Turkey

Enzyme profiles and antimicrobial activities of bacteria isolated from the Kadiini Cave, Alanya, Turkey

Micromorphology, mineralogy, and geo-chemistry of sediments at the Tham Lod rock shelter archaeological site in Mae Hong Son, Thailand: suggestions of a late Pleistocene climate

A reactivated cave system induces rapidly developing cover-collapse sinkholes in Tasmania, Australia

Dynamics of Coll;……./,kembola (Hexapoda) in a forested limestone scree slope, Western Carpathians, Slovakia

Sinkhole susceptibility assessment based on morphological, imagery, and contextual attributes derived from gis and imagery data