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Bacterial diversity in vadose cave pools: evidence for isolated ecosystems

A debris flow deposit in Mammoth Cave: field characterization

Methods and analysis of bat guano cores from caves for paleoecology

Solute transport and solutional denudation rate of carbonate karst in the semi-arid Zagros region (southwestern Iran)

An interpretation of Cueva de la Huachizca, Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, México

Genetic and functional diversity of soil bacteria and fungi from different microhabitats in a karst region in Southern China

Physical and analytical modeling of rhythmic karst springs

Caecidotea burkensis, new species, a unique subterranean isopod from Burke’s Garden, with a synthesis of the biogeo-graphy and evolution of southwestern Virginia asellids

Identification of fungi from soil and sediment in Jefriz Cave; the first survey in a cave from Iran

Glacier caves: a globally threatened subterranean biome

An underworld tailored to tourists: A dragon, a photo-model, and a bio-indicator

Microbiome of Grand Canyon Caverns, a dry sulfuric karst cave in Arizona, supports diverse extremophilic bacterial and archaeal communities

Diversity of siderophore-producing bacterial cultures from Carlsbad Caverns National Park caves, Carlsbad, New Mexico

Dating and interpretation of recent clastic sediments in an urban cave

Cave radon exposure, dose, dynamics and mitigation