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Consequences of the global climate crisis on the cave beetle Darlingto-nea Kentuckensis Valentine based on thermal tolerance and dehydra-tion resistance

Saint Anthony Cave: Morphology, genesis, and age of one of the oldest religious shrines, Southern Galala Plateau, Eastern Desert, Egypt

16s rRNA diversity of Mirror Lake in Gilindire Cave (Turkey) shows abundant Nitrospira

Seasonal context of Bristly Cave Crayfish Cambarus setosus habitat use and life history

Development and persistence of hazardous atmospheres in a glaciovolcanic cave system—Mount Rainier, Washington, USA

Glaciovolcanic cave systems, including fumarolic ice caves, can present variable atmospheric hazards. The twin summit craters of Mount Rainier, Washington, USA, host the largest fumarolic ice cave sys...

Ongoing genesis of a novel glaciovolcanic cave system in the crater of Mount St. Helens, Washington, USA

Mount St. Helens, one of the highest-risk volcanoes in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, hosts a novel system of glaciovolcanic caves that has formed around the 2004?2008 lava dome. From 2014 to 2021 a multid...

Radon in dead-end caves in Europe

We report the results of 3-years of Radon-222 monitoring in six show caves across Europe, selected with the feature of having only one, or no natural entrance, defined as dead-end caves. The caves are...

Land-use impacts on the hydrology of the Hidden River groundwater subbasin, Horse Cave, Hart County, Kentucky

Hidden River Cave, located in the city of Horse Cave, Ky., forms one of the main tributaries of the Hidden River groundwater subbasin that spans multiple counties in south-central Kentucky. Hidden Riv...

Geology and palaeoenvironment of Karin Tak Cave (lesser caucasus)

Karin Tak cave is located in the south-eastern end of the Lesser Caucasus (NE of the Armenian Highland). Development of the cave was related to the dissolution of Middle-Upper Jurassic limestone by me...

3D resistivity survey over mapped caves in eogenetic karst terrane, west-central Florida, USA

This study assesses the capability and practical applications of quasi-3 Dimensional (3D) Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) for mapping air-filled conduits in eogenetic karst. A high-resolution ...