The purpose of the gallery is to provide the user with an idea of some of the more common types of lamps. Enough information has been given on this website to identify some of the rarer lamps that may appear on eBay, therefore this site will not list every lamp ever made. However, this gallery will provide enough pictures that most of the lamps suitable for caving can be identified at a glance. Click on the thumbnails provided to view a larger image of the lamps. In addition to some of the most common types of caving lamps, the author of the site may add a few other lamps from time to time, simply in the interest of providing enjoyable display material. There are collectors that have assembled galleries of their own that include rare carbide lamps. Two of which are Miners Cap Lamps and Clickster's Mining Artifacts.

Autolite with round hook

Autolite polished with round hook

Autolite with blade hook

Autolite with spade (or Michigan) style hook

Guy's Dropper

Guy's Dropper

Butterfly A.K.A. Safesport

Butterfly's identifying mark on water door

Butterfly with Safesport box

Justrite with rubber cool grip (bumper grip)

Justrite with blade hook

Justrite Streamlined ("Streamlined" stamped on lamp top)

The "Streamlined" stamp

Earlier model of Justrite: The Horizontal Justrite

Plastic Justrite



MINEX model 1302C

MINEX 1302C variant with box

Inside the MINEX 115C

The Mike Lite

Unless otherwise stated, the images on this page were obtained from uncopyrighted material posted on eBay, Collector's Corner, or from the manufacturer.

Autolite with spade hook by Scott Shaw.
Mike Lite photo by Alex Sproul.
Minex 115C photo by Mike McKinney.

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