It is impossible to determine the value of any given lamp simply by looking at a chart. But, in the book American Miners' Carbide Lamps, Clemmer has provided a "rarity scale" that provides some information as to how common or uncommon any given lamp brand is. Note that this list does not cover foreign lamps such as Premier or Butterfly (from England and Hong Kong, respectively). A lamp with a rating of 10 is not known to have any lamps in existence, but have been found in printed material suggesting that they had been manufactured. A lamp with a rating of 9 has at least one sample in existence, and others are suspected to exist. However, a detailed explanation to the rating system is given in American Miners' Carbide Lamps.

Brand Name Rarity Manufacturer
Abercrombie & Fitch 9 Unknown
Acme 5 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
American 9 American Lamp and Specialty Co.
"Anthracite" 6 Unknown; various styles
Anton 8 George B. Anton and Brother
Arnolds's Carbide Candle 8 William Ainsworth and Sons
Arrow 6 Unknown
Auto-lite 1 Universal Lamp Company
Baldwin 4 Fredrerick E. Baldwin, John Simmons Company
Big Boy 4 Universal Lamp Company
Black Diamond 10 Black Diamond Manufacturing Co.
Boesch 10 Boesch Lamp Company
Brilliant Search Light 4 Rudolph C. Kruschke; Brilliant Search Light Co.
Brite-Lite 7 Charles Hoppe; Harker Manufacturing Co.
Buddy 5 Ashmead Manufacturing Co.
Chance 10 T.M. Chance
Columbia 6 Hine-Watt Manufacturing Co.
Coolite or Coolamp 10 Coolamp Company
Copper Queen 8 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Daylight 9 Unknown
Defender 6 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Denver Spike Lamp 9 Denver Lamp Company
Dew-R-Lite 9 Dewar Manufacturing Company
Drylite 9 A.L. Hansen Manufacturing Co.
Elkhorn 7 Ashmead Manufacturing Co.
Ever-Ready 9 Charles Hoppe Co.
Force-Feed 7 A.L. Hansen Manufacturing Co.
Full Moon 9 A. H. Funke
Fulton 9 Fulton Tool Works?
Funk Bros. Mfg. Co. 9 Funk Brother Manufacturing Co; John Simmons Co.?
Gee-Bee 8 Grier Brothers Manufacturing Co.
Gem 8 Gem Manufacturing Co.
Grier Bros. 5 Grier Brothers Manufacturing Co.
Guy's Dropper 2 Shanklin Manufacturing Co., Litchfield Lamp Co, Universal Lamp Co.
Hansen 7 A.L. Hansen Manufacturing Co.
Imperial 9 Martin Hardsocg Company
I-T-P 4 Dwear Manufacturing Co.
Justrite 1 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Justrite Streamlined 1 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Little Giant 6 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Lu-mi-num Lamp5 Fred R. Belt Company
Lunkenheimer 9 Lunkenheimer Company
Maple City Lamp 7 Maple City Manufacturing Co.
Maumee-Duplex 8 Maumee Manufacturing Co.
Milburn Miner's A 8 Alexander Milburn Co.
Nathan 9 Nathan Manufacturing Co.
Ni-Ba 9 Unknown
Norleigh Diamond 9 Unknown
Oshkosh Metal Products Co. 9 Oshkosh Metal Products Co.
Otto (Ott)? 9 William H. Otto Metal Goods Co.
Pathfinder 7 Hughes Brothers
Pocahontas 8 Unknown
Red Star 10 Beall Brothers Supply Co.
S & S 9 Unknown
Schnieder's Lamp 9 Unknown
Scoby Lamp 9 Samuel Scoby
Scranto 8 Scranton Acetylene Lamp Co.
Scranton 9 Scranton Acetylene Lamp Co.
Shanklin 8 Shanklin Manufacturing Co.
Shanklin Metal Products 6 Shanklin Metal Products Co.
Simmons 4 John Simmons Company
S. E. Simmons Mfg. Co. 9 Samuel E. Simmons
Snell Lamp 10 Unknown; a bottom exists
Springfield Lamp 6 Meyer Stein Manufacturing Co.
Squarelite 7 Shanklin manufacturing Co.
Standard 10 John S. Cummings Co.
Stein Dropper 9 Probably Meyer Stein Mfg. Co.
Sun Ray 5 Dewar Manufacturing Co.
Sure-Lite 7 Sure-Light Acetylene Co.
The Buddy 9 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Uncle Sam 7 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
Union Carbide 9 Unknown
Victor 8 Unknown
Victor 5 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
What Cheer 9 What Cheer Drill and Miners' Tool Company
Wolf 4 Wolf Safety Lamp Company of America
X-Ray (Defender) 6 Justrite Manufacturing Co.
X-Ray (Fulton-Imperial) 6 Unknown
Zar 5 First-John Simmons Co.
Second-Zar Manufacturing Co.

Gregg S. Clemmer American Miners' Carbide Lamps, pp.109-111. Used by permission.

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