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Catalog date 12/16/2008
Collector Craig Hindman
Found Unknown
Category 3: Personal Artifacts
Made Unknown
Material Plastic
Other Name White Safety Hemet
Owned Unknown
Sub-category Clothing -- Headwear
Recfrom Unknown
Used Unknown
Collection Caving Gear
Description White Safety Helmet
Wide brim with painted red edging
Inscriptions read "Honnary NSS" "The Courier Journal" "C-3 Expedition"
Two red arrows on the brim point towards the front of the helmet
"HI" on the brim on the anterior side of the helmet
A red bracket was mounted on the crest of the helmet for the purpose of supporting a light
the inside back brim of the helmet has a stamp that reads "A Genuine Hard Boiled Hat MFG by E O Gullard Co. S.F.U.S."
Object ID 2008.0006.001
Object Name Helmet
Subjects C-3 Expedition
The Courier Journal
NSS Honorary Member

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