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ISS-SNF Karst Project

The Illinois Speleological Survey (ISS) and the Shawnee National Forest (SNF) are working together to conduct an inventory of karst features within the proclamation area of the SNF.  The primary purpose of this project is to locate, document and record locations of karst features such as karst springs, caves and pits for use in aiding the SNF, researchers, both professional and amateur, for furthering the understanding of caves, karst and the unique habitats contained within.


Until further notice, the ISS-SNF project is on hold due to the risk of spreading White Nose Syndrome (WNS) into Illinois caves. As knowledge on WNS is gained on how it is spread, it is hoped that the ISS will resume the project in summer 2010. Meanwhile, the ISS encourages all cavers active within the state of Illinois to abide by and support cave access restrictions or closures put in place to slow the spread of WNS. The ISS encourages all cavers to follow the best available decontamination procedures between all cave trips. Information on WNS can be found here


Upto date information on future ISS-SNF project work days can be obtained by contacting Jack Wood, SNF Karst Project Chair at  Information on upcoming trips can also be viewed on the schedule page.

Additional Information:

The protocol for the management of the ISS-SNF project can be viewed here (.pdf).

Trip reports:

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January 28, 2006 - pictures
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