Journal of Cave and Karst Studies


The Journal of Cave and Karst Studies is now accepting all manuscript submissions via AllenTrack, a web-based system for on-line submission. Reviewers will also complete and submit their reviews online. The system is fully integrated, so that the editorial office will be able to more effectively use e-mail to keep the process moving smoothly. In addition, manuscripts and CDs will no longer need to be mailed around the world; nor will there be a problem with overfull e-mail boxes resulting from very large graphics files. The expected results are an easier, faster, and less expensive publication process.

AllenTrack is available from any computer, any operating system, and any platform anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This arrangement has allowed for increased international submissions to all North American-based earth-science journals that have adopted web-based submission systems. Access by authors, editors, or reviewers can continue even while traveling, so delays should become a thing of the past.

Prospective authors thinking about submitting a manuscript to the Journal of Cave and Karst Studies should access and establish a login and password. From there on, authors just need to follow the prompts to upload their manuscript, figures, and tables. The web site will then create a PDF of the manuscript with line numbers for the author to review and approve. Once approved by the author, the manuscript will then be assigned an associate editor and the review process will be initiated.

Go to AllenTrack now!