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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


NSS and Regions (Eastern US)
 National Speleological Society (NSS)
 Northeastern Regional Organization of the NSS (NRO)
 Ohio Valley Regional Organization of the NSS (OVR)
 Southeastern Regional Association of the NSS (SERA)
 Virginia Region of the NSS (VAR)
 Bat Conservation International (BCI)
 Butler Cave Conservation Society (BCCS)
 Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy (MAKC)
 Northeastern Cave Conservancy (NCC)
 Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy (PCC)
 Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCC)
 Cave Conservancy of the Virginia's (CCV)
 West Virginia Cave Conservancy (WVaCC)
Organizations & Surveys
 Cave Research Foundation (CRF)
 Gangsta Mappers
 Karst Waters Institute (KWI)
 National Caves Association (NCA)
 The Robertson Association (OTR)
 Virginia Speleological Survey (VSS)
 Virginia Cave Board (VCB)
 West Virginia Speleological Survey (WVaSS)
Emergency Search & Rescue
 National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC)
 Eastern Region of NCRC (ER-NCRC)
 Cave Rescue Telephone Numbers (ER-NCRC)
Closed & Limited Cave Access Lists
  Restricted Cave Access Listing for Pennsylvania (PCC)
  Restricted Cave Access Listing for Huntingdon Co., PA (Huntingdon Grotto)
 Cave Preserves in PA, WV, and VA (MAKC)
 Northeast Cave Access List (NRO)
  VAR Region Limited Cave Access List (VAR)
  TAG Closed Cave and Cave Access List (Dogwood City Grotto)
Federal & State Agencies
 United States Geological Survey (USGS)
 Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
 Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR)
 Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey (DCNR)
 Maryland Geological Survey (MGS)
 Maryland Department of Natural Resources (MDNR)
 New Jersey Geological Survey (NJGS)

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